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Demonstration in Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan. Image source: Flickr

  • Hundreds of ethnic Balochis living in Agra place called “Ballochpura”
  • Leader of Local Baloch community Razak Khan assured Baloch Freedom activist that people of Agra will support the movement
  • Razak Khan will lead a deputation of local Balochs to areas of western UP and Baghpat in Haryana

September 24, 2016: Raising the issue of Balochistan in his Independence day speech PM Modi was admired in all over Agra for taking a firm stand against the atrocities by Pakistani Army on the people of Baloch, but until the last week, residents of Agra were totally unaware of this fact that there are hundreds of ethnic Balochis living there in a place called “Ballochpura” which is in the center of Agra.

“PM Modi’s speech is proved to be a boon in a Baloch Freedom Movement.” Baloch Freedom Activist Mazdak Dilshad Baloch when visited this place and contacted this minority community for the support they showed full spirit. The leader of Local Baloch community Razak Khan came forward and assured that all the Baloch community people of Agra will Support the movement, mentioned India Today report.

The news portal said that the villagers also showed a lot of enthusiasm to support the Baloch cause. A local resident of Billochpura village, said, “The visiting delegation of Baloch expatriates shared hair-raising stories of mass suffering at the hands of the Pakistani army in Balochistan. We share common roots and we are there with Baloch people in all their endeavours against such atrocities.”

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Razak Khan said that he is waiting for the festival of Eid-ul-Adha to get over. As soon as it will over he will lead a deputation of local Balochs to areas of western UP that have ethnic Balochs living there, including Bagpat in Haryana among other cities

“Although some may consider Modi’s mention of Balochistan as interference in Pakistan’s internal affairs but Modi was following a policy of “reciprocity” with Pakistan by mentioning Balochistan in reply of Pakistan’s mention of Kashmir,” said social activist Vishal Sharma.

He said that opposition parties who are criticising Modi for mentioning Balochistan and blaming him for sparking in that Pakistan-occupied territory should also have the guts to criticise the separatist leaders living in India who openly voice pro-Pakistan statements, mentioned India Today report.

Social activist Vishal Sharma also said that there were two Billochpuras in Agra, one near the Taj Mahal and one closer to Agra Mental Asylum.

He said that although it was quite heartwarming to see scenes from Balochistan where Baloch leaders were praising India and shouting “Bharat mata ki jai”, but if the local Baloch leaders are willing to support the separatist movement in Balochistan, they should be aware of the fact that India officially frowns upon groups causing unrest in other countries, which includes Pakistan and its occupied territories.

Sharma said that “Modi has given a completely new turn to the Baloch Freedom Movement and to the issue of Kashmir also.”

– prepared by Aakash Mandyal of NewsGram. Twitter: @Aakashsen6



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