Be Santa Campaign Shows Fatal Ignorance of Indian Libtards

Has anyone in the West launched "Be Rama Camapign" on Deepawali? Why are Indian Libtards jumping around so much!!

Sisters of Charity/ Missionaries of Charity. Wikimedia
Sisters of Charity/ Missionaries of Charity. Wikimedia

On December 11,2017, in Mumbai, Maharastra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis’ wife Amruta Fadnavis launched a “Be Santa Campaign” at a function organized by a local radio FM channel. The holy intent was to to “collect gifts from people -for poor children ,to bring smiles to their faces during this Christmas.Drop ur gifts at nearest @927BIGFM & Feel the joy”, tweeted Ms. Amruta.

I have been living in the US since last 15 years and have never heard of anyone launching a “Be Rama Campaign” on the occasion of Deepwali. Ms. Amruta Fadnavis and the folks like her are falling into the trap of Christian Missionaries whose single most agenda is to convert people of other faiths to Christianity. As the Pope Francis rightly put it on his recent trip to Myanmar and Bangladesh: “I am coming to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a message of reconciliation, forgiveness, and peace.” There is nothing wrong in taking the Gospel forward, but remember that the Missionary machinery has an inherent intent proselytize (convert)!

When there was outcry on social media as to why Amruta Fadnavis was doing it as a first lady of Maharastra, she seemed to stand her ground and stated that “Love , sharing & empathy have no religion – let’s accept all positivity around us & stay away from negative thoughts & demotivating energies!”

As Dr. David Frawley right says: “Christian efforts to usurp and subvert native cultures and pagan traditions has a long history. Hinduism remains a prime target.”

But Indians and Hindus in the name of modernity, liberty and secularism fail to understand the bigger evil designs of “Break India” forces. They are rightly called Libtards.

Alas! Ms Amruta Fadnavis did the same yesterday. If she is a bit conscious of these facts, she must stand up and also declare that let us ask Christians to stop conversions.


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