Beautiful, Interesting and Intricate: Show off your Roots! Decorate home with Indian Handicrafts

Cheenu Gupta, Co-founder of, an e-commerce portal of handicraft goods, has shared some ideas regarding home decoration

Handicraft. Pixabay

New Delhi, Sep 12, 2016: Decorate your home with Indian handicrafts and boast the beautiful, interesting and intricate handicrafts which are made by rural artisans of the country. Add jute, brass and clay handicrafts to your home, says an expert.

Cheenu Gupta, Co-founder of, an e-commerce portal of handicraft goods, has shared some ideas:

Brass handicrafts: Brass provides a durable and sturdy decor option. There are so many brass handicrafts and show pieces like vases, table tops, wall art, lamps, ornament boxes, plates, bowls, and figurines.

Brass Handicraft. Wikimedia Commons
Brass Handicraft. Wikimedia Commons

True brass tends to oxidize quickly when exposed to air and hence check that the brass product you are buying has been given a clear coating of lacquer.

Any brass product will have to be regularly polished to keep the shine intact and remove any tarnishing.

Jute handicrafts: Give a wow factor to your drawing room with one of the most affordable natural fibers Jute. There is a huge range of jute products which includes bags, rugs, lamps, tables, office stationery, curtains wall-hangings and many more.

Jute baskets. Pixabay

Jute products are eco-friendly and offer a natural, green way to decorate the house.

Clay handicrafts: Clay pottery is supposed to be one of the most ancient forms of handicrafts in India.

Clay handicraft. Pixabay
Clay handicraft. Pixabay

You can choose from lovely terracotta planters or clay serving utensils to beautiful vases to decor the house. Not only these products look beautiful but food cooked in the pottery is considered good for health.

There are multiple types of clay pottery – terracotta, red, black and grey pottery.

Wooden handicrafts: Decorate your house with wooden furniture, toys, utensils, decorative pieces, jewellery and many more designer household goods like lamp shades, candle stands, vermillion boxes, jewellery boxes, bangle holders.

wooden handicraft. Pixabay
wooden handicraft. Pixabay

Carved wood furniture is a treasured furniture item in a lot of homes.

Dhokra handicrafts: Dhokra is one of the oldest forms of handicrafts. Dhokra candle stands, pen stands, ash trays, horses, elephants, peacocks, owls, religious images, measuring bowls and other show pieces give an extra edge to the corner of your house.

Dhokra Handicraft. Flickr
Dhokra Handicraft. Flickr

Dhokra cast metal and ironware has a rugged vibrancy about it. It looks beautiful in any corner of your home.

Marble handicrafts: To enhance the beauty of your house decorate it with marble decorative vase, marble elephants for the drawing room, pooja thali, idols of god for the spiritual room.

Marble Handicraft. Flickr
Marble Handicraft. Flickr

Art and metal ware handicrafts: Wall art designing for living room is a new trend. One can choose from varieties of designs to go in sync with your living room. (IANS)

  • Aakash Mandyal

    By using our indian handicrafts we can preserve our culture and heritage which is day by day influencing by the western world….

  • Anubhuti Gupta

    These decors will make the home look more ethnic and are easily available too. Very Informative article