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Beautiful show of flowers in Mysore


By Nithin Sridhar

Mysuru: As part of the on-going Dasara (Dussehra) celebrations, the Mysuru Zilla panchayat, city corporation, and the Zilla Totagarike (horticulture) Sangha have organized a flower show at Kuppanna Park, Mysore.

The show was inaugurated on October 14 and will remain open for 12 days till October 25. This year, seminars regarding sustainable agriculture, gardening, and farmer’s issues are also being organized as part of the flower show program.

Here are some beautiful images from the flower show:









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Here is why Flowers in Hinduism regarded as Symbol of Piousness and Serenity!

Flowers are an integral part of every religious ceremony in hinduism

Hinduism in Australia
A ritual in Hinduism. Wikimedia

April 10, 2017: Hinduism is a religion known for its pious procedures of performing a “pooja” ceremony.Many things become the part of the act of showing gratitude to the almighty be it “kapoor”, ”kumkum”, ”pure ghee”, “Dhoop batti” and many more to count.It is also very well known that flowers find a special place in the hindu prayer ceremonies. There are separate flowers for different deities and each one has a legend to follow exhibiting their significance to that particular god or goddess. Flowers are the symbols of hindu ceremonies.

They are offered to deities during prayers, used to decorate weddings and their usage varies from one thing to the other.

A marriage ceremony is incomplete in Hinduism without flowers as they complete each step from start to finish.

As for Hindus, the flowers are significant, but ever wondered why some flowers hold more importance than others?

Here is a list of flowers found to be sacred in Hinduism-:

Rose; Source-Pixabay
    1. Rose-In Hinduism and in many parts of the world, this is the flower of love and affection. In India, it is also used for its medicinal values.Rose petals are spread on newlywed’s bed as it is believed that the flower creates romance between the couple.
Jasmine; Source-Pixabay
    1. Jasmine-Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the Universe has a colourful personality. He like wine, enjoys music and loves to becked up. He represents the cultural elements of our society. Lord Vishnu likes white and fragrant colours like mogra, jasmine etc. Apart from aromatic flowers, this Hindu god loves basil leaves.Since the time of Vedas, Jasmine has found mention in the Hindu scriptures. The flower, in Hindu weddings, is often used as the bridal flower. It symbolises everlasting love between the married couple.
Hibiscus; Source-Pixabay
    1. Hibiscus-Adishakti or the essence of all female power in the Universe is known as Kali in her most destructive form. She is a blood thirsty goddess who represents wearing a garland of Asura heads and blood dripping from her mouth. To match the colour of blood, she worshipped with blood-red hibiscus flowers.

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Hibiscus is considered as the tongue of Goddess Kali and offered to her during prayers. The bright red colour is symbolic of the fierceness of Kali.
It is seen as a flower that brings wealth and destroys enemies from one’s life.


Lotus; Source-Pixabay
    1. Lotus-  A symbol of beauty, in Hindu scripture, goddess Lakshmi is shown sitting on red lotus and Saraswati on a white one. The lotus is also associated with Lord Brahma.Lotus is rooted in mud but stay aflot on water without getting muddy, which shows, in Hinduism how one should live in the world with getting attached to the negative surroundings.The flower also represents triumph, wealth and fertility and is India’s national flower.
Mariold; Source-Pixabay
  1. Red Genda (Marigold)- The lord of the world Ganesha like red colour flowers just like Lakshmi. Red Genda (Marigold) flowers please him greatly. The Genda is special because it is the only flower of the gods that can be divided into its petals. Scientifically too, each petal of the Marigold flower is a flower in itself.
    It is widely used to make garlands for gods and goddesses in Hindu religion. This flower is considered a love charm and is also used in weddings.Also, its pleasant aroma keeps insects and pests away. It is said, marigold represents passion and creativity in other cultures.

These are some of the flowers that are sacred to the hindus along with many others.They fill the color and fragrance in the hindu culture.

– by Nikita Tayal of NewsGram Twitter @NikitaTayal6