Bengal turns a safe haven for militants?

by Arka Mondal

Kolkata: Militants of Bangladesh Nationalist Party and Jamaat-e-Islami are peaceably crossing over to India after carrying out terror acts in Bangladesh. Some Kolkata-based hotels run by Urdu speaking Muslims are sheltering them. The Pakistani ISI is sending them money via hundi to stay in India. They are trained in Kolkata by Indian militants. A Dhaka University Senate Member brought this issue to fore during his stay in Kolkata recently. His interactions with some hotel owners confirmed that these militants go to Bangladesh for subversive activities and return to Kolkata after mission’s completion. It was also established that the hotel owners in Kolkata extended full hospitality to these militants while the Urdu speaking Muslim members in the Trinamool Congress patronized them. It is gauged that these militants will play an active role in the ensuing polls in West Bengal.

With the help of their associate outfits in the state, activists of Jamiyatul Mujaheedin Bangladesh (JMB), HuJI, and Hizbut Tahrir are leading safe lives in West Bengal. This is possible because the Indian Intelligence and police are currently lapse in their surveillance measures. The Senate Member also came to know that some BNP leaders came to India with medical visas but have no intention to return.

Notably the ISI, which has been implementing a long plan to turn Bangladesh into a safe haven for militants, is funding the current subversive activities in the country.


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