• Siddaramaiah writes to Modi for intervention in the Cauvery Dispute
  • Says that Tamil Nadu has enough water
  • Asks Modi to call for the meeting of the CMs of basin states

The plot of Cauvery Dispute thickens as Chief Minister of Karnataka calls for intervention of Prime Minister for quick resolution of matter.

Siddaramaiah wrote a two page letter attracting the attention of Modi to extreme unrest in the Cauvery basin especially in Bangalore (Bengaluru) city following the order of the Supreme Court which directed Karnataka to release 15,000 cusecs of Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu for ten days.

“If this continues it would deprive drinking water not only to the residents of Bangalore (Bengaluru) city, but also to the farmers of the Cauvery basin,” he wrote.

Siddaramaiah also pointed the adverse affects of this condition on the future of the country’s economy because as conditions worsen in Bengaluru, it’ll have a direct impact on its IT industries.

In the letter he even stated that Tamil Nadu was in a more comfortable position than Karnataka as the present storage in the Mettur reservoir in Tamil Nadu would be more than sufficient to meet the requirement of water for the Samba rice crop.

In a rather satirical tone Siddaramaiah wrote that ‘state BJP unit had proposed to the government not to implement the order of the apex court.’ He added “However, as a constitutional chief executive of the state, I have taken it upon myself to obey the orders of the SC and the water is being released as per the order, which has created more unrest and disquiet in the state.”

Finally Siddaramaiah asks Prime Minister Modi to intervene directly in the matter and call the meeting of all the CMs of basin states(Jayalalithaa for TN) to resolve the impasse.