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Big Fat Indian Wedding: How to make it more Special with Proper Planning!

The average cost of a wedding at $31,213 in 2014, says

making your special Day a memory forever
Special Day with an appealing presentation

Nov 17, 2016: Weddings are the most celebrated moment in a person’s life. It not only ties two individuals in a beautiful relationship but also brings their families and their cultures together. Therefore, wedding plans for a girl become very important at an early age even when she is unaware of its importance.

The day becomes ‘THE DAY’ for her when it comes to her wedding. A more sophisticated version of wedding are brought forward with the efforts of recently emerged wedding planners. They are kind of event managers and at times the sole planner of the entire fairy tale process. They not only bind the events but also shape the emotions of the families with a gentle touch of perfection. But the question arises are they really worth it?. Let us discuss this in brief.

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Planning a wedding is not a simple task. It involves detail planning and  proper execution depending on the type and time of the event. Jayana Cooke, CEO of “EventTup”, an online market place for finding event venues says very precisely that “be sure that your planner is as detail-oriented as you are and has values and communication styles that align with your own”. This is the very first step to gain the trust of your client. Unlike other businesses it is not only a

Unlike other businesses it is not only a profit-making source but it is also a trust-oriented emotional approach between the client and the planner. Weekes: “Contrary to what I was told when I first got into the business, Type-A clients work well with planners; in fact, I think they make us better planners. However, you need to be honest with yourself about whether it’s something you can do comfortably.” Well, nonetheless honesty is an important factor of any business. The frankness between the client and the planner helps in building a better co-ordination.

Estimated Cost of Wedding expenses in a metro City

Planners do have an inside track, which means they can sometimes save your money — but not always, says Cooke. If your budget is already stretched, but you could really use help, consider a day-of coordinator. According to Graham, “planners often offer multiple tiers of service. Be sure to ask for a customised service if you don’t see what you need on the planner’s initial price list”.

Consulting fees are the first step to start with your wedding. The initial plans are sketched out in the beginning and the rough estimate is given to the client. These meetings are a great opportunity for the wedding planner to upsell the client and recommend a Day of Coordination or even a Full-Service wedding package. Luckily for you, many times the client will realise they really do need more help than they had originally thought. However, these recommendations should be reserved until after the session has completed, as the client is paying you for your expertise, not your sales pitch. According to The Association of Bridal Consultants, the average total cost for a wedding consultant is $3,636 in the northeast and $2,635 in the south. The national average is $3,262

Go to NewsGram and check out news related to political current issues estimates the average cost of a wedding at $31,213 in 2014. Using Nancy Flottmeyer’s 10% rule, you’re looking at a $3,000 line item that is completely missing from your budget. Not having a clear understanding of your expenses can lead to overspending, so it’s best to keep the budget comprehensive and focused. Some wedding consultants get paid by the businesses they promote, so you want to make sure to read the agreement closely before signing.

Asking the consultant directly how they structure their fees, including whether or not they accept compensation from vendors, is a fair question, says Flottmeyer. “Ideally, the answer should be, ‘We recommend the best business for you,’” she says. They should be focused on connecting you with vendors that he or she believes are the best fit for your aesthetic and budget, not on collecting extra fees. Bonus tip for getting more for your money: “I always tell brides to treat everyone with respect,” Flottmeyer says. “When you do, the flowers get bigger, the band plays longer, and sometimes vendors might not charge you for little extras. It’s common sense—treat everyone kindly, and consider tipping or extra gifts as a thank you.”

Wedding planners try and plan the best wedding moment for you. They look into every detail starting from the venue to the thank you gifts. It entirely depends on the client as to what they want and how they want. If they want a simple wedding to tie their knot they can surely go for it. If they plan for a wao wedding to woo their guests this will incur to an extravagant wedding.

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A high-end wedding planner often charges twice the same price as an average wedding planner, who in turn use your budget judiciously for each event. With the high-end capitalism, all functions have become more a lavish oriented product than a simple custom event.

To reduce the effect of the extravaganza one should have an authentic taste. Marriage is more of a personal event than a professional event, it should be dealt in a very delicate manner or else it gets highly over magnified capitalistic affair and looses its flavor.

–  by Saptaparni Goon of NewsGram. Twitter: @saptaparni_goon

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How to Salvage Your Marriage from Divorce

It's okay to feel anxious and down-casted if your spouse wants a divorce

Marriage, Divorce, US
Below are 6 steps that prominent marriage therapists recommend to salvage your marriage. Pixabay

Currently, divorce has become so rampant; for instance, in the U.S, the divorce rate stands at a whopping 50 percent! It’s alarming, right? However, when you’re on the wrong side of these odds such statistics even makes it more painful.

Good news for you! Unhappy marriage does not mean the end result is divorce. Provided one of you has a strong desire to salvage the marriage, it’s possible.

Marriage counseling in Denver state that they have helped so many couples to reconcile and enjoy their marriage again. Some of the couples had even signed the divorce papers while others were at the verge of divorce.

Which tactics did they use? Below are 6 steps that prominent marriage therapists recommend to salvage your marriage.

Marriage, Divorce, US
Marriage counseling in Denver state that they have helped so many couples to reconcile and enjoy their marriage again. Pixabay


  • Accept your spouse’s feelings


It’s okay to feel anxious and down-casted if your spouse wants a divorce; however, it doesn’t mean your partner will not come around.

Each one of you has the right to express or feel the way they want to; therefore, you have to agree that your spouse wants out. It’s important for you to accept your partner’s position without manipulating it.

This will help you get to the root cause and most likely things will turn around and reawaken your love towards each other.

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  • Take responsibility


This might be the last thing you want to do! You need to approach your spouse and validate why they want to leave the marriage.

This is very powerful; just keep it brief and straightforward. For instance, you can tell your spouse, “I understand. You feel I haven’t been faithful to you.”

Confirm that you understand from their perspective even if you don’t agree.

Marriage, Divorce, US
Currently, divorce has become so rampant; for instance, in the U.S, the divorce rate stands at a whopping 50 percent! Pixabay


  • Stop over-reacting


You need to block the fight or flight reaction that is easily awakened by divorce threat. You should remain calm, kind, mature and the affectionate person that your spouse fell in love with.


  • Take a break


Give your companion space; don’t try to pursue, plead or beg your partner at such a time. Do your thing as this is time to let go. Create a scenario whereby your partner will miss you.

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  • Work on yourself


At this time you need to concentrate on building yourself and being the best person you can be. Visit friends, marriage therapists like those Marriage Counseling in Denver or learn yoga.

Ultimately your spouse will notice the changes and the new positive attributes in you.


  • Reestablish contact


After following the above guidelines, most likely your spouse will come around. You can meet for coffee and focus on positive discussion, not on the fallen relationship.

Once the barrier is broken and you can smile and laugh again; you can gauge if you can work out things together.

It is important to note that stable marriage needs both partners to be actively involved. After following the steps above, you should assess if your partner is reciprocating or you are just hitting a rock.

You can involve a counselor along the process in case things are not adding up. Try as hard as you can to salvage your marriage, but if your spouse doesn’t show up you will still feel great how you carried yourself.