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Bodies of Indonesian plane crash victims to be identified


Jakarta: Indonesian rescuers on Wednesday began transferring to hospital for further identification the bodies of the 54 victims of Sunday’s plane crash in Indonesia’s Papua province.

Four bodies were transported to the joint operation centre located in Sentani air base in Jayapura, capital of Papua province, from Oksibil by an ATR-42 Trigana Air plane of the same type as the one that smashed against a hillside on Sunday, reported Xinhua.2015-08-19_2109

Head of Indonesian Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) Henry Bambang Soelistyo said the bodies of 49 passengers and five crew-members would be transferred to a hospital in Jayapura.

The ATR-42 turboprop plane, operated by Trigana Air, hit Mount Tangok on Sunday during its flight from Jayapura to Oksibil, 280 km south of the provincial capital.

The search team recovered bodies of all 54 people aboard the plane, along with the blackbox of the aircraft on Tuesday.

The plane was also carrying 6.5 billion rupiah (about $470,000) in cash which was to be handed out to poor families because of lack of banking infrastructure in the mountainous region.

The search teams found the money at the crash site — some of it burned and some in good condition, officials said.


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Indonesian Government Forces Instagram to Close Pro-LGBT Account

Nearly 88 per cent of Indonesia's over 260 million people are Muslims and the majority of them are said to be moderates

pride flag
The rainbow pride flag of the LGBT community. wikimedia

Popular social network Instagram on Wednesday suspended an account which published comics discussing the problems and acceptance issues faced by the Muslim LGBT community in Indonesia.

The move came after the government asked the social network to remove the gay-friendly account that allegedly published cartoons containing pornographic material and riling many in the country – home to the world’s largest Muslim population.

The Ministry of Information and Communication alleged in a statement that the account, run by a user known only as @Alpantuni, violated the Electronic Information and Transactions Law by distributing content that “breached decency”, according to Efe news.

The Ministry thanked users for their complaints which “accelerated the process” against the handle.

LGBT, Thailand
Thai LGBT community participates in Gay Freedom Day Parade in Bangkok, Thailand. VOA

The comic strips, which showed Muslim gay characters and criticized homophobia and religious fundamentalism in the country, were targeted by a large number of Instagram users, who tagged the Ministry in their comments.

Instagram took the decision after Communication Minister Rudiantara on Monday threatened to shut down the platform in the country unless the company took steps to fulfil the Ministry’s demand.

Homosexuality is legal across Indonesia – except for in Sharia law-ruled Aceh province – and though the LGBT community has yet to meet acceptance, it had been tolerated in the past.

But the Electronic Information and Transactions (EIT) law and the law against pornography have often been used in Indonesia to criminalize homosexuality and the LGBT community, according to non-profit Human Rights Watch.

Edith Windsor
Edie dearly loved the LGBTQ community which loved her right back and held her in reverence for her fight for freedom, equality, and justice. Wikemedia

In February 2018, the government blocked more than 200 mobile applications and websites with content related to homosexuality.

Months later in October, the police arrested two people on the Java Island for running a Facebook page for gays, accusing them of publishing pornography and pressing charges under the EIT law.

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To “safeguard” moral norms on the Internet, the Ministry of Communication has also threatened to shut down other social networks and messaging apps in recent years apart from blocking hundreds of webpages and apps carrying content that promotes homosexuality.

Nearly 88 per cent of Indonesia’s over 260 million people are Muslims and the majority of them are said to be moderates. (IANS)