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Bollywood stars who were bullied recently on social media. Pixabay

Social media can be a dark place, especially if you are a celebrity. Stars often have to bear a brutal brunt of the digital medium and are not spared for even the most trivial of things including what they wear, who they date, or even a role they are cast in. Over the years, several Bollywood personalities such Alia Bhatt, Vidya Balan, Anushka Sharma, Anurag Kashyap, Karan Johar, Sonakshi Sinha have faced the wrath of social media users who have criticized them, abused them, and body-shamed them.

IANS looks at some of the names from the world of television and Hindi cinema who have been bullied, criticized, and trolled on social media in recent times:

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Rubina Dilaik

Bigg Boss 14 winner and television actress Rubina Dilaik was mercilessly trolled by social media users for reportedly being arrogant towards photographers who were taking her pictures after a video of her at Mumbai airport surfaced. Rubina was called out as “ghamandi” (arrogant) and “high on attitude”.

Ankita Lokhande

In January, Ankita faced heavy trolling for celebrating over three million followers on Instagram and not giving due credit to her ex-beau, late star Sushant Singh Rajput. She had written: “#2021 I welcome you with my open heart happy new year everyone. Cheers to 3M followers. Thanks for all the love #ankitalokhande #newyear2021 #3million #congratulations”. A section of netizens trolled the actress saying all her publicity was due to Sushant.

Indian Actress- Ankita Lokhande. IANS

Kangana Ranaut

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut got trolled massively after she compared herself to Hollywood stars such as Meryl Streep and Gal Gadot. She has tagged herself a “raw talent” like Streep, saying she can execute action stunts like Gadot. Netizens trolled her for being “narcissistic”, “self-obsessed” and “pompous”. Kangana had also labeled herself the best actress in the world.

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Mahhi Vij and Jay Bhanushali

Television personalities Jay Bhanushali and Mahhi Vij were heavily trolled for recently traveling with their biological daughter Tara and leaving behind their foster children Khushi and Rajveer. The actress had to pen an open letter clarifying that Khushi and Rajveer were spending time in their hometown with their grandparents.

Abhishek Bachchan

Abhishek has often been attacked for belonging to a prominent film family. In 2020, when he and his father Amitabh Bachchan battled Covid, he was questioned by a troll: “Your father admitted in hospital… Ab Kiske bharose baith ke khaoge”. This is not the first time Abhishek faced such an attack. He is often questioned for the privilege many feel he enjoys hailing from the Bachchan clan. (IANS/SP)


Photo by Benjamin Dada on Unsplash

Currently, when users set up WhatsApp Pay in India, the service only verifies the phone number linked to your bank account to enable UPI-based transactions

Facebook-owned WhatsApp may soon ask users to verify their identity to make payments on the platform. According to XDA Developers, new strings spotted in the latest WhatsApp beta release suggest that the messenger will require users to upload verification documents to continue using payments on WhatsApp. Currently, when users set up WhatsApp Pay in India, the service only verifies the phone number linked to your bank account to enable UPI-based transactions. In Brazil, the messenger uses Facebook Pay to validate users' credit or debit cards to facilitate payments.

At the moment, the service doesn't require users to submit any identity verification documents to make payments. However, that might change soon, the report said. WhatsApp v2.21.22.6 beta includes a few new strings which suggest that users might have to submit identity verification documents to continue using payments.

The identity verification might be limited to those who use WhatsApp Pay to receive payments for their businesses. UPI-based apps, like Google Pay, PhonePe and even WhatsApp Pay don't require users to submit any documents to transfer or receive money. However, wallet apps like PayTM do ask for KYC verification as per RBI guidelines.

WhatsApp is yet to make an official announcement regarding this change. Since the new strings have just made their way to the beta version, it might be a while before the company reveals any details, the report said. (IANS/ MBI)

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Photo by Chelson Tamares on Unsplash

Practising good nail hygiene involves following a systematic process to ensure the longevity of our nail health.

By Rajesh U. Pandya

Although the world is recovering from coronavirus pandemic, we must not lower our guards and stay alert when it comes to hand hygiene to curb the spread of the deadly virus. But are we paying sufficient attention to our nail hygiene? Our nails are the index of well-being for our entire body. The manifestations of several critical diseases were first detected within the dirty nails.

The ignorance towards our nails becomes the breeding ground of harmful bacteria. These germs enter our body through our hands because in India we eat through our bare hands. Therefore, nail hygiene is crucial and without it hand hygiene is incomplete.

Practising good nail hygiene involves following a systematic process to ensure the longevity of our nail health. It includes ensuring that food particles, dirt and dust are not sticking to our nails and there is no build-up of nail bacteria. Thankfully, contrary to popular belief, it is not that difficult to maintain good nail hygiene. A little diligence, awareness and attention are sufficient to keep our nails healthy.

Avoiding nail hygiene makes you prone to viral infections
Due to constant negligence towards the cleanliness of the nails, many serious issues like bacterial and viral infections arise. Often these lead to serious health problems. Our hand hygiene is not perfect till the time we clean the undersides of our nails besides washing hands regularly. Most people don't mind sharing nail clippers with others. This is however an extremely unhygienic practice. When we don't share any of our personal hygiene products then why do we share our nail clippers? Nails harbour abundant germs, bacteria and viruses and sharing nail clippers is equivalent to exchanging those microorganisms.

microscopic organisms Nails harbour abundant germs, bacteria and viruses and sharing nail clippers is equivalent to exchanging those microorganisms.| Photo by CDC on Unsplash

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Casinos have shifted online now the players can enjoy the games while sitting at home

Gambling has always been one of the most popular sports among people. It is not limited to one group of people, the sport doesn't require the players to have any qualifications besides being a certain age and above depending on the country, men, women, young, old, wherever you come from, whoever you are, we're all equal as players on a casino table. Many casinos now have online sites for their players to enjoy the games at their comfort and leisure.

Online Casino games have become one of the best ways for people to spend their free time. Especially during the pandemic when the world was put under lockdown casinos shifted online and the punters have enjoyed the same entertainment and excitement sitting at their homes. Online gambling games are becoming increasingly popular in the 21st century because this generation prefers to spend time indoors with their online friends. This has inevitably led to the creation of thousands of games to fulfil the rising demand of millions of online players.

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