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October 13, 2016: Indians in several ways tries to preserve its cultural heritage, by passing it on to the younger generations. Sometimes while passing it on, some ideas are ‘thrust upon’ them while some of them are accepted gleefully. Telugu community’s bommala koluvu (display of dolls) belongs to the latter category.

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The bommala koluvu is the tradition of displaying dolls during Dussehra in Andhra Pradesh and many other parts of southern India.

Bommala Koluvu, is an integral part of the festival, the exhibition of the dolls of animals, birds and also different figurines that depict the Telugu community’s rural life. Bommala koluvu is also adorned with dolls of almost all hues, it includes dolls of gods and goddess depicting the mythology. It is a very traditional practice and some even use wooden dolls.

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The decoration is done with colourful lights, some of the women of the village displays their artistic skills by sketching Kolams (rangoli).

However, the intense and passionate feeling that marked the tradition of bommala koluvu has been declining lately. It may be due to the emergence of nuclear families or may be with both the parents employed and the children studying away from the hometown.

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Unfortunately, in the present times, these festivals have become only about lavish feasts and weeklong vacations. These kinds of traditions are gradually fading. As a result of which the makers of bommalu or the idols are opting out of the profession for the want of the buyers.

– by Pinaz Kazi of NewsGram. Twitter: @PinazKazi



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