Book review: A call to 1.25 billion children of Mother India



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By NewsGram Staff Writer

It is a celebrated fact that all the countries across the globe are loved by their residents. However our mother nation, India deserves great reverence and love from her children as she is not an ordinary country. Apart from being an exceptional country, it’s a great mother too. And her three unique virtues- Tolerance, Kindness, and Forgiveness, make her the greatest and the holiest place in the world.

The book A call to 1.25 billion children of Mother India apprises the readers, why India should be showered with immense love and reverence. It divulges into the exceptional greatness of India in earlier times on various counts and why India should regain her outstanding position in the world soon.

India has fed one-fourth of world’s population cumulatively since time immemorial, in spite of having only about 2.5-3.0 per cent of world’s land-area. Tolerance of the inhabitants of the country and abundance of water & food, coupled with favorable climate allowed innumerable people to migrate and settle here in earlier times.

From ancient era to the eighteenth century, India’s share in the world-GDP was always more than 20 per cent. Just before the onset of British rule, India’s share in world-GDP was around 25 per cent, which reduced to a mere 3 per cent in 1947. Likewise, the country’s share in the world-trade reduced to 1.5 per cent in 1947 from more than 60 per cent in seventeenth century.

India was dominating in almost all the fields – from Mathematics to Metaphysics, from Metallurgy to Medicine, and from Music to Martial arts.

Therefore, our love for India should be at the highest degree. And that immense love should be turned into action by launching a long-term intensive movement for quality & productivity in the country.

The book elaborates the concept & methodology for this world-changing grand movement for quality & productivity, in which every citizen should actively participate. The book also urges Indians to help in eliminating poverty, to make the country clean and to fight against corruption.

This work is an attempt to mobilize Indians for ultimately re-making India as the best nation in the world in all aspects.

  • lakshmeshwar mishra

    what the author is trying to tell us through his book is to adapt to Hindutva version of kindness , tolerance and forgiveness. 20 millions of mother india went hungry in 2015 . Farmers suicide unabated. Millions of workers and educated youth without jobs. Social discrimination against poor and Dalits galore. The author doesn’t know what kindness , tolerance and forgiveness mean to these millions of sufferers everyday . Not a worthy book .