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A guide to right and budget friendly carpets. IANS

Carpets provide comfort, warmth, to protect floorings from wear and tear & for home decor as well. They can light up a room instantly and convert a boring four-walled space into an interesting cozy place to rest.

Everybody has a different taste, choice and style of living and so is their choice of choosing a carpet for them. We have witnessed many changing trends in carpet designs over the years. From the ancient handwork and traditional designs to modern-day abstract prints, from vibrant and bold colors to soothing greys, we can see that there has been a great shift in design and material for carpets.

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Vikas Gupta, CEO of, lists the four most creative and budget-friendly carpet trends to look for to stay with today’s trend:-

1) Earthly or Neutral tones

In today’s fast-paced lifestyles, people have shifted their carpet color choices more towards earthy or neutral tones, which could provide a soothing or calming effect to their minds when they look around. In many offices, we can find neutral color carpet floorings such as grey or mud brown. We can also opt for such earthly tones for offices or living rooms to get a calming effect.

Changing trends of Carpets. IANS

2) Use of Eco-Friendly Materials

Sustainable development is the need of the hour and this is the reason why there has been an increase in the demand for carpets made from eco-friendly or natural fibers. Carpets made from jute, wool, sisal, etc or those made from recycled materials are much promoted nowadays. We can also play some role to keep our environment healthy by knowing about the carpet material before making a purchase & choosing eco-friendly ones.

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3) Bright Colours

If you are not a neutral tone lover or want to make any area of a room to be vibrant to lift your mood up or make your carpet a home decor element, you can play with bright colors. Choose vibrant and bright colors wisely for your carpet that goes with the theme of the room including the color of walls and furniture. Go sportive to create a joyful vibe in your room.

4) Play with Patterns

If you are looking for something not so minimalistic then go for patterns. Patterns can never go out of trend. You can choose from a wide variety of patterns including different geometric shapes, chevron, stripes, animal prints, or floral prints. There is a lot to choose from patterns. Patterned carpets are always versatile to decorate your home or offices. (IANS)


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