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By Newsgram Staff Writer

This is the fourth year of drought in California and it has taught the residents, without one doubtful thought, the importance of water as a resource.

The years of drought has made Californians staunch believers of conservation and its ardent practitioners too. The fight is to save every drop of water which can be reused in any way. This has led to the lining of bathroom floors with vessels to catch the falling water to flushing the toilet after 2-3 uses only. Green lawns have been replaced by granite and water sprinklers are considered a moral crime.

But the herculean water austerity of the residents is not enough. The government of California is planning further individual mandatory cuts in water use, depending on previous water conservation efforts by the citizen.

There are still a few people around who are apathetic to rarity of the compound made with two hydrogen and one oxygen atoms. And they are a sore spot to the eyes of the water believers.

“There are folks who have been conserving for decades and have been great on conservation, But there are other communities who are using hundreds of gallons a day,” an English newspaper.

Businesses which rely heavily on water are now beginning to feel the heat of the situation, reported the New York times.

But while there are people in California who have decided to take the bull of water scarcity by the horns for common weal, the area is divided between those taking it on the chin and those for granted. Weather the Golden State can bear this burden depends on if and when everyone recognizes the need of the hour.


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