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Canadian Hindu Society of Saskatchewan hosts banquet to connect with the community

Saskatoon, Canada: For over three decades the Hindu Society of Saskatchewan has been hosting an annual vegetarian banquet. The food is an important part of the event, but the most meaningful aspect is building bridges, the society’s president says.

Speaking on CBC’s Saskatchewan Weekend Subash Biswal said that “nobody lives in isolation.”

“Wherever you are, the community that you live in basically provides you everything,” Biswal said, adding it’s important to “build bridges, connect with the community and grow the community.”

The banquet is being held at Prairieland Park and features East Indian cuisine, entertainment, and keynote speech by Saskatoon Police Chief Clive Weighill.

Biswal said when he came to Saskatchewan a decade ago; he realized how important it was to connect with his temple but also with other communities in the province. The inclusiveness of the banquet is a crucial aspect.

“We have been tremendously working hard to include all groups in Saskatoon so that they come to the banquet,” he said.

“This is not a religious function. This is basically an elegant evening of camaraderie, foods, and talks.”

The funds raised through the dinner go towards the operation of the temple. Biswal said it also allows the greater Saskatoon community to learn about their Hindu neighbors.

“You can feel it once you walk in there, the tremendous melting pot that you see there,” he said.




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