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Caripill: Bengaluru-based lab comes with tab to cure dengue

By NewsGram Staff-writer

New Delhi: Amid dengue deaths that has captured the imagination of the nation, for all the wrong reasons, a Bengaluru-based laboratory claims to have achieved a breakthrough in creating a tablet for the disease which aims to increase platelet count.

Caripill Tablet is used for Dengue fever, Oxidative stress, Wound healing, Thrombocytopenia and other conditions. Caripill Tablet may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.

Caripill Tablet contains Carica Papaya as an active ingredient.

Caripill Tablet works by modifying the adsorption and penetration of the virion; lowering lipid peroxidation level; stimulating the rate of increase in platelet count.

Detailed information related to Caripill Tablet’s uses, composition, dosage, side effects and reviews is listed below.

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A botanical pill with the name of ‘Caripill’ was launched by Micro Labs Ltd, which increases the platelet count in dengue fever patients. Scientific and regulatory authorities have approved the drug which is made from the extract of carica papaya leaf. The clinical trials showed no side-effects of the Caripill tablets.

Positive results were shown by the drug with an effective decrease in haemorrhage condition, claimed the lab. In addition, patients did not require the blood transfusion process which is almost mandatory for dengue patients as they require platelets from donor’s blood.

Caripill is considered, with scientific support, to increase the platelet count in dengue fever patients. Since the drug is considered to be effective in treating dengue fever, lab is sure that it can also be helpful in treating diseases like leukaemia where chemotherapy is required which leads to loss of platelets.

Caripill is now available at all major pharmacies across India costing Rs 25 per tablet with a dosage of one tab (1100 mg) three times a day, for five days.

Delhi has witnessed a sudden increase in dengue cases this year as compared to past five years which has claimed 11 lives so far. World Health Organisation stated that dengue fever, globally, is becoming a serious health problem.



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