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Cartoons- one of the major and the most amazing part of our childhood. Children spend most of their time watching cartoons, our moral values, our habits, our attitude, and behavior is developed during the stage of childhood. A human being tends to observe their surroundings and adapt it. So the concept of cartoons should not be taken lightly as it can manipulate the mind of a kid.

Why do children like to watch cartoons? This is because their mind is full of curiosity and creativity. They are always interested in things which are new and different. Bright colored cartoons with unusual sound and imagery attract a child. In reality, in this generation, children stay at home which means they have not seen the creative world. So while they are at home they prefer watching entertaining stuff on TV.

Parents are now using the television as the means of entertaining their children while they attempt to accomplish their other goals.

Cartoons should be shown very accurately and in an appropriate way so that it could be understood easily because a child can interpret and perceive things in a cartoon in many ways, a positive thing can also be interpreted in a negative way.

Shows such as Tom and Jerry or Road Runner shows based on “fight and chase” plus “friendship”. One can ask, how can these shows have negative impact when it always end in a positive way and depicts that violence results in nothing but friendship and teamwork always have good results, Throwing a grand piano on someone’s head, gunshots, and the loud explosion that follows, all of these are direct messages depicting violence that flow into children’s minds.

Kids who watch cartoons full of violence tend to be nervous, aggressive and disobedient. A child becomes insensitive to problems and considers violence as common and normal.

Other than violence health is also a major issue in reference of cartoons sitting hours and watching cartoons leads to weak eyesight, spine curvature disorder and moreover a research states that watching the cartoon for long leads to less interaction among people hence weak speech development.

We cannot stop a kid to watch cartoons. Then how can we reduce the negative impacts of cartoons and changing it healthy?

There should be some time limit which a child is supposed to follow.

Parents should explain the meaning of the episode so that they don’t interpret it in the wrong way.

Parents should also make their child understand that violence is not the solution to resolve conflicts.

Parents should interact with their children and discuss the cartoons and the characters.

Positive effects of cartoons over children:

It helps in exploring and observing things which expand their creativity and improves their thinking.

Many cartoon character which represent good personality like an ideal daughter or son become a role model for some kids and they try to copy them.

Cartoons make you laugh which is the best exercise for blood circulation. Many characters are represented as a fitness freak.

Children have started eating good food to become like their favorite cartoon character.

It enhances the talent of a child. A child watching the show of their interest helps them to understand things about their talent how to execute it and take it forward in life.

Watching cartoons can teach a child about basic moral values of the society that one is supposed to follow for example about loyalty, respect to elders, language and the way of talking, for all this to work in order parents have to decide which all shows their child should watch.

A child has a blank mind so they need some guidance to go on a right path as they cannot decide things for themselves.

Cartoons have changed drastically over the years, let’s compare some older cartoons to their replacements. Change in type of cartoons is also one of the reasons to bring this concept in the limelight.

Today’s cartoons have dug deeper in their genre for content than before. Comedy has become more absurd, sacrificing even the appearance of the plot of comedies past for more silliness. Where once a cat might chase a mouse, now they might take a road trip to a concert together, only to break down in the desert, be swallowed by a sand whale, and transported to the magical land of Seattle, only to return home for no clear reason. In contrast, action-oriented cartoons have gotten darker and more realistic, taking on tougher issues in a more serious tone.

The difference between old cartoons and new cartoons are that the new cartoons have amazing artwork but the old cartoons usually have a morale which can help and teach kids. New cartoons are all about flashy moves and a cool looking hero running around fighting villains.

New cartoons use guns and various other instruments which represent damage these things were never seen in old cartoons.

(By Adita Mehta)


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