Catch a whiff of the Corpse flower

A unique corpse

By NewsGram Staff Writer

This flower is no ordinary bloom. It possesses a celebrity-status for which people wait hours in line, eager to click selfies and breathe the unique fragrance of the blossom.

The famed corpse flower grows in Colorado, USA and opens up for less than 48 hours. The green and purple giant is named so after the rotting flesh perfume that the plant emits.

Ironically, the stinky smell is what attracted the people to have their moment of fame with the flower in the Denver Botanic Gardens. Evolutionary purpose of the scent is to attract pollinating bugs that feed on dead animals but here it served another favourable purpose.

“It’s equivalent of the circus coming to town. All these people would line up for something that smells like a combination of cheese and gym socks but they have chosen a stinky flower,” said Alan Walker, a 56 year-old volunteer at the garden.

The corpse flower is more formally known as the titan arum and is native to the rainforest of the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

The flower typically has a long gestation period of 8-20 years before it blooms for the first time and following the first time, it blooms rather infrequently.