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CBD – Benefits of the Cannabis Oil on Health

MedsBiotech is one of the famous CBD brands and as an information, this brand is based in the United States. This means that every product is made in the United States

Cannabis Essential Oil
In addition to its extensive medical applications, it is also found in perfumes, soaps and candles as well as in culinary preparations. Flickr

Did you know what the cannabis essential oil is? The main health benefits of cannabis essential oil are its ability to protect your skin, reduce stress and anxiety, improve the quality of sleep, increase appetite, optimize digestion, relieve pain, prevent certain cancers and improve your health to protect the heart. This is certainly contradictory to the assumption of cannabis is only capable of causing high. Behind its bad reputation, the plant has many benefits for our health. Hopefully this article can add to your insight.

Cannabis essential oil (CBD)

Cannabis essential oil is one of the most unusual oils in the essential oil field, simply because of the plant from which it is derived. Although cannabis and hemp have been used as naturally growing herbs for thousands of years, their reputation as a drug in many parts of the world has made it difficult for cannabis and hemp consumers to deal with authorities in specific places. However, the essential oil of cannabis is a useful essential oil and is generally considered to be one of the most effective oils for alleviating certain diseases and conditions. It is obtained by steam distillation from the flowers and upper leaves of cannabis plants of the genus Cannabis.

cannabis essential oil
There are many CBD brands available on the market but not all of them are of high quality. Wikimedia Commons

Cannabis essential oil is a green liquid that is considered very volatile, and its components are very powerful, including monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes and other highly active organic compounds. The essential oil is mainly produced and distributed in France and several other European countries, but its export is, as mentioned above, somewhat limited by the legal consequences of extracting cannabis essential oil.

In addition to its extensive medical applications, it is also found in perfumes, soaps and candles as well as in culinary preparations. Considering that this oil is so strong, a very small amount is enough to be effective.

Benefits of Cannabis Oil (CBD)

Cannabis is a much less well-known herb, but the benefits of its oil can do wonders for your body. Explore below and improve your health, of course with the best CBD oil!

Relieves anxiety and stress

One of the most popular and well-known uses of cannabis essential oil is relief of stress and anxiety. The natural ingredients contained in this oil, including the famous THC, which makes cannabis a drug in many countries, are very good at releasing pleasure hormones and relaxing the mind, reducing stress and creating a sense of calm and relaxation.

Cannabis Essential Oil
As one of the giant brands, this company provides a variety of CBD oil that is intended for different needs.

Promotes good sleep

For people who are plagued by insomnia, or just struggling to sleep soundly, restful night undisturbed, cannabis essential oil works like a spell. Relaxing your body and mind and reaching a lower energy level will make it easier for you to lower your heart rate and empty your head before a long, peaceful night’s sleep.

Increases appetite
It is well known that people who consume cannabis in other forms notice an increased appetite. However, the essential oil of cannabis can help to regulate your appetite and cause hunger, while at the same time stimulating your digestive system to work regularly.

Relieves pain

Cannabis essential oil acts as a great painkiller and is regularly recommended for people with inflammation and chronic pain. It can even provide pain relief in an emergency. Feel free to check this list of best cbd oil for pain provided by experts and real reviewers.

Cannabis essential oil
Cannabis Oil. Flickr

Prevents cancer

Although there is still some controversy about it and much research has not been completed, early reports have shown that the active ingredients in cannabis essential oil can have preventive effects on cancer and can also cause a reduction in tumor size more easily, cancer for patients who already suffering from this tragic disease, effectively beating.

Improves heart health

The instability of the essential oil of cannabis can also help to improve the health of the heart by balancing the negative oils in your system. It can also stimulate antioxidant processes by scraping off excess cholesterol and maximizing the health of your cardiovascular system.

Skin care

The powerful ingredients of the essential cannabis oil are used to protect the skin and can be used both internally and externally to achieve this important effect. It can stimulate the release of dead skin and a faster regrowth of healthy, radiant skin. It is also known for the prevention of wrinkles, signs of aging and protection against eczema and psoriasis.

And many more…

CBD, , Cannabis Essential Oil
Behind its bad reputation, the plant has many benefits for our health.

Many CBD brands are on the market but which is the best?

There are many CBD brands available on the market but not all of them are of high quality. You must be selective in choosing the best but don’t worry because you will get our recommendations below:

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MedsBiotech is one of the famous CBD brands and as an information, this brand is based in the United States. This means that every product is made in the United States and of course has fulfilled various requirements set by the FDA. You don’t need to worry about the quality provided by MedsBiotech. As one of the giant brands, this company provides a variety of CBD oil that is intended for different needs. All Biotech Meds CBD are non-GMO oils, THC-free which means they will not cause “high”. Not only that, MedsBiotech guarantees that every CBD product does not contain any form of pesticide so that dangerous contamination is the last thing you can imagine. Meds Biotech CBD oil is a strong guarantee for anyone who wants the best benefits from CBD produced with the safest manufacturing techniques.

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Apple Manages to Open Nearly Half of its Retail Stores Worldwide

Apple has reopened nearly 256 retail stores globally

Nearly half of Apple retail stores are now open globally. Pixabay

Apple has managed to reopen nearly 256 retail stores out of more than 500 worldwide, as it aims to safely restart operations.

Apple closed all its retail stores outside Greater China in March as COVID-19 pandemic spread. All the Apple stores in Greater China are now open.

“In China, and later around the world, we were one of the first companies to close our stores. In Greater China, we saw the importance of swift action — and the critical importance of social distance — to slow the virus’ spread,” according to Apple’s head of retail Deidre O’Brien.

Apple is conducting enhanced deep cleanings at their stores to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Pixabay

“As time has gone on, we’ve continued to refine and expand our in-store health and safety measures, which have proven so effective in places like Greater China, where our stores have been safely open for months,” he added.

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Apple is taking some additional steps in most places. Throughout the day, Apple is conducting enhanced deep cleanings that place special emphasis on all surfaces, display products, and highly trafficked areas.

“Face coverings will be required for all of our teams and customers, and we will provide them to customers who don’t bring their own. Temperature checks will be conducted at the door, and posted health questions will screen for those with symptoms — like cough or fever — or who have had recent exposure to someone infected with COVID-19,” O’Brien elaborated. (IANS)

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Oil Pulling: An Ayurvedic Treatment to Boost Immunity

Oil pulling is an ancient treatment dateing back to more than 3,000 years

Oil pulling
Oil pulling can boost your Immunity. Pixabay

Oil pulling is regarded as an ancient Ayurveda treatment that dates back to more than 3,000 years.

Considered as a detoxification therapy, it is done by taking a spoonful of cold pressed virgin oil (preferably coconut oil) and swishing it in your mouth for about 5 minutes, similar to using a mouthwash. The purpose of oil pulling is to swish the oil around in your mouth, between the teeth to get rid of bacteria in the mouth, spit it out and immediately rinse with some warm water.

Nutritionist Sheryl Salis shares how oil pulling that can help improve your immunity, uses of virgin coconut oil and the method of oil pulling:

Oil pulling is an alternative health practice gaining traction in recent times not only for oral health but also as an immunity boosting measure. As the mouth is a home to millions of microbes including bacteria, the oil pulling process helps get rid of these bacteria through swishing oil in the mouth and in-between the teeth. Swishing the oil for a prolonged period cleanses the mouth and decreases the bacterial load. Not only does this promote oral hygiene, this technique aids in overall health and well-being.

Other than basic precautions like sanitizing and washing hands, immunty is the key factor to protect yourself from COVID-19 pandemic. Pixabay

With the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the globe, it is recommended to build and maintain a strong immune system to help combat the risk of being infected. While external precautionary measures like sanitizing and washing hands are essential, maintaining basic hygiene measures and eating healthy to build one’s immunity is of utmost importance.

Using virgin coconut oil to build immunity

Cold pressed virgin coconut oil is a superfood recommended for its myriad health benefits; it is a rich source of naturally occurring Lauric acid and contains Vitamin E which helps to improve body’s immunity. The medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs) that contain lauric acid and caprylic acid strengthens the immune system and has anti-viral properties. Therefore, Adding 2 spoons of virgin coconut oil to the diet every day can help improve the immunity and maintain a healthy, holistic lifestyle.

In most Indian household’s, virgin coconut oil is a staple for consumption and beauty practices and is slowly making its way in the mainstream wellness community for oil pulling. Known for its immune boosting properties, virgin coconut oil can be introduced as an effective technique into your heath regime.

Oil Pulling
Virgin coconut oil is a staple for consumption and beauty practices. Pixabay

How to do it?

eStart by swishing it in your mouth on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning

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eTake about 1 tablespoon of virgin coconut oil in the mouth and swish it for about 3-5 minutes.

eDiscard the oil by spitting it out. Do not swallow the oil as you will ingest the toxins with it as well

eRinse the mouth with warm water and brush your teeth as usual

eRepeat the process 3-4 times a week. (IANS)

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Covid-19 to Cause Lasting Physical and Mental Health Consequences Worldwide

Researchers warn that the pandemic is likely to cause profound health issues globally

covid-19 consequences
Covid-19 pandemic is likely to cause major physical and mental health consequences on people all over the world. WIkimedia Commons

The coronavirus pandemic’s life-altering effects are likely to result in lasting physical and mental health consequences for several people, warn researchers.

For the findings, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the research team studied low-income women from New Orleans in the US, who were surveyed the year prior to, and at intervals after Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005.

The women reported a range of traumatic experiences during Katrina, many of which are similar to those now occurring during the pandemic, including bereavement, lack of access to medical care and scarcity of medications.

Hurricane Katrina consequences
Hurricane Katrina which struck in 2005 had major consequences and a range of traumatic experiences as reported by the survivors, many of which are similar to those now occurring during the pandemic. Wikimedia Commons

The research showed that at one, four and 12 years after the hurricane, the exposures most strongly associated with post-traumatic stress, psychological distress, general health and physical health symptoms were those most common to the current pandemic.

The pandemic continues to cause widespread death and sickness, as well as job loss and severe economic hardship for many.

“This pandemic is likely to have profound short- and long-term consequences for physical and mental health,” said study researcher Sarah Lowe, Assistant Professor at Yale University in the US.

“These impacts are likely to be even larger than what we have seen in previous disasters like Hurricane Katrina, given the distinctive qualities of the pandemic as a disaster,” Lowe added.

The study did not include other exposures that are taking place during the pandemic, such as financial losses and unemployment, which are also likely to have additional and significant impacts on public health.

The results suggest that, in addition to promoting actions to reduce COVID-19 transmission and addressing longstanding health disparities contributing to COVID-19 morbidity and mortality, public health measures should also prevent and mitigate exposures that will have indirect effects on mental and physical health.

consequences like unemployment
Many other consequences like unemployment are also likely take place will have additional and significant impacts on public health. Pixabay

This includes preventing lapses in medical care and medication access. Additionally, another key exposure in the study was fear for one’s own safety and the safety of others.

As such, public health messaging should provide tips for managing anxiety and fear, in addition to promoting efforts to increase safety from COVID-19 transmission.

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“Supplemental health services should be provided to those who are bereaved or are experiencing clinically significant fear and anxiety-related the pandemic,” Lowe said.

“This study represents a step toward disentangling the health consequences of disasters, while also recognising more longstanding factors that contribute to health disparities,” she wrote.

Recently, another study, published in The Lancet Psychiatry journal, revealed that people taken ill by coronavirus infections may experience psychiatric problems while hospitalised and potentially after they recover. (IANS)