CCTV cameras must for dhabas in Haryana district

Chandigarh: To keep a check on crime and criminals, authorities in Haryana’s Rewari district have directed all dhabas (roadside eateries) to install CCTV cameras.

All dhaba owners have been asked to comply with the CCTV directions by July 31, a state government spokesman said here on Monday.

“All dhaba owners would install good quality and night vision CCTV cameras in their dhabas by July 31 and report the same to police station in-charge of their respective areas. Strict action would be taken against dhabas which do not install CCTV cameras by that date,” the spokesman said.

He said the move was aimed at keeping a tab on criminals and anti-social activities.

“Quarrels over the quality of food or harassment of women often happen at dhabas. With the installation of CCTV cameras, dhaba owners can ensure safety and security to people visiting the dhabas. The owners have been asked to inform police in case they find any suspicious person in their dhabas,” he added.

The busy national highway No.8 between Delhi and Jaipur passes along the Rewari district in southwest Haryana. (IANS)