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Celebrating Mothers Day on May 14: Show Love and Gratitude to the ones who play Mothers in our Lives!

Every year, the second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother’s day across the world to honour the love and care and unbreakable friendship that we share with our mother. This is the day when we take time from our busy life to surprise the lady who always managed to surprise us on our birthdays.

A mother and child, Pixabay

May 14, 2017:

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”
— Mother Teresa

And this is what defines motherhood!

Mother-the very word brings to our mind the images of a wonderful person in our life irrespective of their gender. Even though, we have restricted the term only to the ‘female’ gender. The infinite power to love irrespective of what the child is – is known as motherhood. Only a mother has the power of acceptance from the core of her heart. Be it by birth or by bond, a mother showers selfless love to their children.

When APJ Kalam was asked to define birthday, he said-

The Only Day In Your Life, Your Mother Smiled When You Cry 

– This quote by APJ Abdul Kalam inspires us to the core to see how selfless a mother’s love is for their child.

Needless to say, a Mother is one’s best friend and guide, the one to whom we run with our problems and they always come up with the perfect solution for us. She is the one who understands our feelings, before even we express them. It is said that with the birth of a baby, there is a new birth of a woman. She becomes a mother and her child becomes the center of attention of her life.

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Mother bears a child for 9 months in her womb, which is itself a miracle. She advises in the easiest manner that we sometimes wonder what we would have done without her. She is the one running behind us to have our breakfast as we rush to college and the one to make us sleep comfortably when we just fall asleep on our study table. She is the one who shares her experiences with us and makes us understand the importance of relations in our life. No matter how old we get, we need our mother at every stage in our life.

Even though we should be thanking her every day for her dedication and contribution in our lives, we have fixed a single day to thank our mother for her sacrifices, for her love and care.

However, every year, the second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother’s day in some parts of the world to honor the love and care and unbreakable friendship that we share with our mother. This year, May 14 is celebrated as Mother’s Day. What little we can do, is fill their every moment with joy and happiness.

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Even though a mother never expects anything back from her child, but even the smallest of efforts made by us fills our mother with overwhelming joy. Give her a day off from the household chores, make her favorite dish or just write a poem and you will never be able to forget that beautiful smile on her face.

The History- 

The invention of Mother’s Day was itself a struggle faced by a mother Anna Jarvis, who persuaded a church in her hometown, Philadelphia, to hold a special church service on the anniversary of her mother’s death. The next year the governors of Florida and North Dakota issued special proclamations inspired by the service and it went national in 1914 when President Wilson made one, too. She struggled enough to save this day from commercialization by the business people who across the country figured the day could be a great way to sell the nation on flowers, cards and other tokens.  Jarvis sent violent telegrams to President Roosevelt and mostly shut herself inside her house–emerging only to hand out flyers about the evils of commercializing Mother’s Day.

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Jarvis wanted mother’s day to be more of a public awareness event about the maternal mortality rate, which was 14,000 deaths a year at the time rather than the commercial holiday and that is what we have to focus on.

Netizens will know better that Facebook has also added the “Thankful” emoticon to help everyone celebrate Mother’s Day.

Instead of buying material gifts for our mothers, spend time with them and shower our love and care on them- tell them how important they are to you! Talk to her and make her feel worthy by your real efforts and not by some gift that you bought from the nearest mall because children are the anchor that hold a mother to life!

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

– by Nikita Tayal of NewsGram, Twitter: @NikitaTayal6 

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Google’s New AI Tool Blocks Gendered Pronouns

Microsoft's LinkedIn said it avoids gendered pronouns in its year-old predictive messaging tool.

Google, smart compose
The Google name is displayed outside the company's office in London, Britain. VOA

Alphabet Inc’s Google in May introduced a slick feature for Gmail that automatically completes sentences for users as they type. Tap out “I love” and Gmail might propose “you” or “it.” But users are out of luck if the object of their affection is “him” or “her.”

Google’s technology will not suggest gender-based pronouns because the risk is too high that its “Smart Compose” technology might predict someone’s sex or gender identity incorrectly and offend users, product leaders revealed to Reuters in interviews.

Gmail product manager Paul Lambert said a company research scientist discovered the problem in January when he typed “I am meeting an investor next week,” and Smart Compose suggested a possible follow-up question: “Do you want to meet him?” instead of “her.”

Smart Compose, Google
AI experts have called on the companies to display a disclaimer and multiple possible translations.. Pixabay

Consumers have become accustomed to embarrassing gaffes from autocorrect on smartphones. But Google refused to take chances at a time when gender issues are reshaping politics and society, and critics are scrutinizing potential biases in artificial intelligence like never before.

“Not all ‘screw ups’ are equal,” Lambert said. Gender is a “a big, big thing” to get wrong.

Getting Smart Compose right could be good for business. Demonstrating that Google understands the nuances of AI better than competitors is part of the company’s strategy to build affinity for its brand and attract customers to its AI-powered cloud computing tools, advertising services and hardware.

Gmail has 1.5 billion users, and Lambert said Smart Compose assists on 11 percent of messages worldwide sent from, where the feature first launched.

Google, Main One, russia, smart compose
A Google logo is seen at the company’s headquarters in Mountain View, California, VOA

Smart Compose is an example of what AI developers call natural language generation (NLG), in which computers learn to write sentences by studying patterns and relationships between words in literature, emails and web pages.

A system shown billions of human sentences becomes adept at completing common phrases but is limited by generalities. Men have long dominated fields such as finance and science, for example, so the technology would conclude from the data that an investor or engineer is “he” or “him.” The issue trips up nearly every major tech company.

Lambert said the Smart Compose team of about 15 engineers and designers tried several workarounds, but none proved bias-free or worthwhile. They decided the best solution was the strictest one: Limit coverage. The gendered pronoun ban affects fewer than 1 percent of cases where Smart Compose would propose something, Lambert said.

“The only reliable technique we have is to be conservative,” said Prabhakar Raghavan, who oversaw engineering of Gmail and other services until a recent promotion.

Smart compose
Google is not the only tech company wrestling with the gender-based pronoun problem. (VOA)

New policy

Google’s decision to play it safe on gender follows some high-profile embarrassments for the company’s predictive technologies.

The company apologized in 2015 when the image recognition feature of its photo service labeled a black couple as gorillas. In 2016, Google altered its search engine’s autocomplete function after it suggested the anti-Semitic query “are jews evil” when users sought information about Jews.

Google has banned expletives and racial slurs from its predictive technologies, as well as mentions of its business rivals or tragic events.

The company’s new policy banning gendered pronouns also affected the list of possible responses in Google’s Smart Reply. That service allow users to respond instantly to text messages and emails with short phrases such as “sounds good.”

Google uses tests developed by its AI ethics team to uncover new biases. A spam and abuse team pokes at systems, trying to find “juicy” gaffes by thinking as hackers or journalists might, Lambert said.

Google, Main One, russia, smart compose
Google CEO Sundar Pichai speaks during a news conference in New Delhi. VOA

Workers outside the United States look for local cultural issues. Smart Compose will soon work in four other languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French.

“You need a lot of human oversight,” said engineering leader Raghavan, because “in each language, the net of inappropriateness has to cover something different.”

Wispread challenge

Google is not the only tech company wrestling with the gender-based pronoun problem. Agolo, a New York startup that has received investment from Thomson Reuters, uses AI to summarize business documents.

Its technology cannot reliably determine in some documents which pronoun goes with which name. So the summary pulls several sentences to give users more context, said Mohamed AlTantawy, Agolo’s chief technology officer.

He said longer copy is better than missing details. “The smallest mistakes will make people lose confidence,” AlTantawy said. “People want 100 percent correct.”

Google, smart compose
Gmail product manager Paul Lambert said a company research scientist discovered the problem in January VOA

Yet, imperfections remain. Predictive keyboard tools developed by Google and Apple Inc propose the gendered “policeman” to complete “police” and “salesman” for “sales.”

Type the neutral Turkish phrase “one is a soldier” into Google Translate and it spits out “he’s a soldier” in English. So do translation tools from Alibaba and Microsoft Corp. Inc opts for “she” for the same phrase on its translation service for cloud computing customers.

AI experts have called on the companies to display a disclaimer and multiple possible translations.

Microsoft’s LinkedIn said it avoids gendered pronouns in its year-old predictive messaging tool, Smart Replies, to ward off potential blunders.

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Alibaba and Amazon did not respond to requests to comment. Warnings and limitations like those in Smart Compose remain the most-used countermeasures in complex systems, said John Hegele, integration engineer at Durham, North Carolina-based Automated Insights Inc, which generates news articles from statistics.

“The end goal is a fully machine-generated system where it magically knows what to write,” Hegele said. “There’s been a ton of advances made but we’re not there yet.” (VOA)