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Celebrating Raksha Bandhan: Significance of the ancient Hindu festival is all about Brotherhood

Dividing the name: ‘Raksha’ means protection and ‘Bandhan’ means bound; in Sanskrit, it literally means ‘the knot of protection’

Raksha Bandhan. Image source: Wikimedia Commons
  • Raksha Bandhan is a festival that’s celebrated each year around mid-August
  • Even the sages tied the sacred thread to themselves as a method of safeguarding themselves against all evils
  • There are logical reasons behind each action performed during this festival

August 18, 2016: This year, India celebrates August 18 as the festival of brotherhood. Raksha Bandhan, popularly known as Rakhi is one of the ancient and most significant festivals among Hindus.

“To the most wonderful sister in the world: they say your rakhi is my promise to protect you but I hope that doesn’t mean that I can no longer mess up your freshly tied ponytail, wrestle for the remote or steal the last piece of cake from your plate. However, I and only I can pick on you, so expect me to soon punch that guy in your class who calls you fat. Not because you aren’t fat but simply because you are MY fatty to annoy. Happy Raksha Bandhan loser, I promise to be your superman in case you ever need one.” – a message from a brother to her sister on Raksha Bandhan.

Messages like the one above, can bring a tear to someone’s eye; for the ancient Hindu festival celebrates brotherhood by bond. Having said that, do any of us know the real reason behind this festival’s existence? If this question has bothered you for a while then do read further to satiate that curiosity.


Taking it back to the old school, even the rishi munis tied rakhi to the people who came to seek their blessings whereas the sages tied the sacred thread to themselves as a method of safeguarding themselves against all evils. Rabindranath Tagore first promoted the festival, to spread the feeling of unity and encourage, a harmonious social existence with a promise to protect each other from any harm or evil. In that era, people didn’t stop at siblings; a rakhi was tied to the neighbours and close friends too. It was each individual’s way of signifying a peaceful co-existence.

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Raksha Bandhan elebration with street children
Raksha Bandhan elebration with street children


Dividing the name: ‘Raksha’ means protection and ‘Bandhan’ means bound. In Sanskrit, it literally means ‘the knot of protection’. It’s a festival that’s celebrated each year around in mid-August. Even though it is a Hindu festival, but Jains and Sikhs celebrate it too.

There are logical reasons behind each action performed during the festival. For example, there’s a purpose behind tying the sacred thread on the right wrist instead of the left. It is due to the Brahmin’s action of placing an amulet on your right wrist in order to protect you from misery and depression. This sacred thread promises love, care and respect for one another, in addition to the vow of protection. Additionally, the early morning baths are to purify your mind and soul.

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There are various legends that follow this festival, one such interesting legend is of the Lord of Death (Yama) and his sister, Yamuna. When Yamuna tied a rakhi to him, Yama was so moved by the serenity of it all that he declared immortality to whoever promised protection to their sisters when tied a rakhi. Well, immortality sounds like a good reason to support the celebrations with some gusto.

Raksha bandhan, a festival that involves preparing elaborate food items, distributing sweets, and gifts. The main purpose behind the festival is togetherness, that adds happiness in one’s life. It’s a celebration of love, care and respect that one has for the another.

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Reasons Why India Has Become a Call Center Hub

Experts are expecting the industry to grow considerably in the coming years on account of a steady influx of foreign investors

India is one of the largest call centre hubs in the world. Pixabay
India is one of the largest call centre hubs in the world. Pixabay
  • India has become a call center hub
  • In past few years, the industry has seen a drastic growth
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For over a decade, the call center industry in India has reached at least US$710 million in revenue. Experts are expecting the industry to grow considerably in the coming years on account of a steady influx of foreign investors.

At present, there are a lot of call centers in India and nearly every multinational company has outsourced their customer service to the country. Call centers, after all, can help in terms providing better customer outreach and flexibility according to More so, it has become essential for companies to set up call centers in India as a means to lessen costs and, more importantly, achieve better growth.

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Indeed, it’s not so hard to think about the reasons why India has been preferred as a call center hub by a lot of foreign corporations. For a fact, these reasons are too obvious to begin with.

Government support

Ever since it lifted obstacles that have gotten in the way, the Indian government was able to prioritize the growth of the call center industry as an important economic driver, and it has continued to do so today. With such a strong backing from policymakers, the business process outsourcing environment in the country continues to prosper.

 A competitive workforce

The first thing that’s on this list is the Indian workforce itself. A lot of companies are looking towards India not because it’s cheaper to set up a CRM arm there. It’s the Indian employees themselves that encourage companies to invest. What with a great wealth of skilled and professional workers, India is a powerhouse when it comes right down to supplying qualified individuals to the job of engaging clients from overseas.

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From text to graphics, this software does it all. Pixabay
A competitive workforce is another reason for the upsurge of call centre industry in India. Pixabay

English proficiencies

But aside from the abilities of Indian workers along the lines of customer service, it is their capacity to speak English is what drives companies from Canada and the United States to expand their operations across the subcontinent. Language, after all, is an important factor of effective CRM, and with an Indian workforce, companies can get a competitive edge.

 An effective training environment

One reason why Indian call center workers are valuable is that they are constantly trained. Nothing else can provide better results than a worker who has just updating his skills through re-training. For foreign investors, this has been one of the most notable reasons  they prefer to establish a foothold in India.

Investments in IT

Apart from being a call center hub, India has also been regarded as one of the world’s most important tech hubs, standing side by side with Silicon Valley. Recent forays into the IT industry has introduced several innovations that have also impacted other industries as well. Call centers are not exempted from these disruptions since they are currently reaping the benefits of updated technologies and infrastructure.

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Cloud networking is also a great way of lessening the work burden. Pizabay
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