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Child artists display work at Kolkata art exhibition

Paintings by child artists

By Arnab Mitra

Kolkata: An art exhibition for children was organised by the Nehru Children’s Museum on the theme ‘Xpression’ at the Academy of Fine Arts from November 22-28. Child artists aged from 5 to 15 were allowed to participate.

“Like every year, we arranged this exhibition to inspire the younger minds in their creativity,” said Nehru Children’s Museum coordinator Anjali Gupta.

Prantik Das with his paintings

NewsGram spoke to the mother of child artist Prantik Sen, who is hearing-impaired. She said, “Painting is a language by which my son expresses himself and I never forced him in anything”.

Sreya Dutta with her paintings

Another child artist, Sreya Dutta, a tenth standard student from St John’s Diocesan, said, “I want to see myself as an artist in the future and my parents always support me. Some people think that concentrating on anything else except studies will hamper their career or result. But that’s not true. Creativity comes from instinct. It cannot be stopped by force.”

The three best paintings from the art exhibition would be sent to be displayed at the Nabanna.

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Ongoing Art Exhibition in New Delhi focusses on Tantric art to entice people with its mystery

An ongoing art exhibition in New Delhi aims at proving to people that the idea of 'Tantra' is much more than eerie and pointless mumbo jumbo

Rituals performed by a priest in a temple (representational image), Wikimedia

New Delhi, Feb 16, 2017: The idea of Tantra has been shrouded in mystery, esoteric ‘mumbo jumbo’, wild speculation, gross misunderstandings and sheer fantasy. The explicit imagery, lavishly coloured multi-appendaged deities in union with consorts are on on display at an ongoing art exhibition.

In the mid-20th century as modern art came under the influence of abstract ideals, with the rise of “Abstract Expressionism” and “Post Painterly Abstraction”, painting fore-fronted western modern art movements where basic symbolic forms became the norm in western modern art.

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As Indian modern artists came increasingly in contact with Western modernist movements, they recognised increasing similarity with these International modern art forms and their own indigenous tantric motifs that they began incorporating into their art works.

For the most part, the Indian contemporary modern artists were not specifically practicing tantra but they in various creative ways incorporated this familiar imagery into their works of art.

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The works of Raza, Sohan Qadri and even M.F. Husain are good examples of this. However, skilfully these works used the tantric iconography they did not necessarily portray a direct tantric experience of the maker.

“Tantra” curated By Bryan Mulvihill, is on at Art Konsult in Hauz Khas Village till February 18.

The show includes a range of vivid and rich coloured canvases, created by numerous masters and contemporaries. It depicts the ancient culture and method of tantra that was a highly believed and used technique in the past.

The exhibit brings tales from the yesteryears in colourful forms and gives a glimpse of the spiritual side of ancient India. Through mediums like acrylic, watercolours and mix media the essence of tantra was portrayed to the audience.

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“Tantra has always been a subject of anonymity for everyone, but this exhibition will provide people a sneak peek into the world of tantra through the means of extraordinary art works created by masters and contemporaries,” said Siddhartha Tagore, owner of Art Konsult.

“These colorful and bold works will surely attract art lovers of the capital,” he added.

The paintings on display burst out loud with bright colours and eye striking colour combinations. Each artwork depicts the spiritual method in every explicit manner and let spectators to go in flow with the visual treat displayed at the exhibition. (IANS)