Saturday March 23, 2019
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China signs an electric car deal worth $12 billion


Beijing:  A vehicle leasing enterprise in China on Monday signed a deal of $12 billion with a Chinese-Swedish vehicle company.

New Modern Energy Holding (NMEH) founded by Chinese and Swedish companies. Its Swedish investing party, National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), will produce 150,000 electric vehicles to China’s vehicle leasing company Panda New Energy based on Saab 9-3 sedan-platform by the end of 2020, Xinhua reported.

In addition, the deal also includes 100,000 electric vehicle products and services from companies associated to NEVS and its owner, according to the agreement.

Owned by Chinese investors, NEVS took over Swedish car manufacturer Saab’s assets and technologies after its bankruptcy in 2012.

NMEH, located at Binhai New Area of China’s Tianjin municipality, aims to produce blade and extended range electric vehicles with the support of NEVS, said Peng Jinchun, general manager of NMEH. (IANS), (image:

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Finland Probing Nokia Phones Sending Data to China

However, with neither China Telecom nor HMD Global able to tell who actually owns the server and receives the data, the plot thickens even further, according to the SlashGear

In line with the government's Digital India programme, Nokia on Wednesday launched a
Nokia to initiate Smartpur Village Program. Pixabay

Finland’s data protection watchdog is investigating Nokia phones’ owner HMD Global after reports claimed that its devices mysteriously sent data to Chinese servers.

“The probe follows a report by Norway’s public broadcaster NRK in which it claimed to have proof that Nokia phones are transmitting sensitive information to China based on a tip from a Nokia owner.

“The man in question, Henrik Austad, said he’d been monitoring the traffic from his Nokia 7 only to find it was sending unencrypted information to a Chinese server while switched on. The sensitive data included his location, as well as the SIM card number and the phone’s serial number,” the Engadget reported late on Thursday.

Nokia to cut jobs, says slow 5G progress not cause for layoffs.

The phone was sending unencrypted, readable data that easily identifies the phone (IMEI and MAC), its SIM and network connections.

Notably, whenever data is secretly being sent to a server in China, it leads to conspiracy theories. Even more so, when the domain for that server, in this a certain, is owned by China Telecom, one of the state-controlled network operators in the country.

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However, with neither China Telecom nor HMD Global able to tell who actually owns the server and receives the data, the plot thickens even further, according to the SlashGear. (IANS)

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