China, Taiwan exchange jailed secret operatives

Taiwan China secret operives

New Delhi: In an unprecedented move on Monday, Taiwan exchanged jailed secret operatives with China as a goodwill gesture. Earlier, leaders of the two political rival countries had a meeting this month in Singapore.

A statement from the Taiwan president’s office disclosed that Chinese spy Li Zhihao was given an early. On the other hand, China gave parole to Colonel Zhu Gongxun and Colonel Xu Changguo. Both were high officials of the Taiwan’s Military intelligence and remained in Chinese captivity for over nine years.

Notably, the two Taiwanese spies were given life terms in 2006 for the anti-Chinese activities.

Experts on international relations considered the meeting between the two supremos to be a game changer. The exchange of the detained spies clearly indicates that both the nations want to build healthy political bilateral relations. There might be anti-China sentiments among the people of Taiwan, but the exchange would definitely boost the political careers of both the leaders.

It must also be noted that Taiwan goes for Presidential polls in 2006.

However, the move also points to the flexible sensible approach of both the nations  towards a peace process.

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