Chinese army fights its flab

By NewsGram Staff Writer

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaxsoldiersWhile people strenuously work on their diet plan and workout routine to lose weight, Chinese army generals have shed more than five kg while training for the September 3 military parade, a media report said on Thursday.

Lt. General Deng Zhiping, 52, said he shed more than 7 kg since the training began. “My waistline was trimmed down by 12 cm,” he said.

The parade would be held to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. More than 50 generals, with an average age of 53, will lead parade units involving 12,000 people. The oldest general is 58, more than 30 years older than other soldiers, China Daily reported.

“Compared with the young soldiers, who are 18 or 19, the generals are behind them in terms of reflexes, agility and physical strength,many generals have overcome injuries and illness in training but insist on practicing overtime,” said Feng Kaichun, the trainer-in-charge.

Major General Zhang Haiqing, aged 56, straps 4 kg of weights on his legs during training to ensure the required pace, he added.

Their practice is rigorous to an extent that in order to maintain the perfect standing posture, they place poker cards between both knees to ensure no gap is visible between their legs, and between their arms and body to ensure their arms are locked to their torso.


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