Civil servant leaves his prestigious job to provide free education


Jabalpur: In a country where a central government job is one of the most preferred professions among the youths, 24-year-old genius Roman Saini has taken an exceptional step.

Despite achieving an intensely respectable civil services post, he has decided to leave his job to become an educator and to serve other aspirants with all his experiences for free at India’s one of free revolutionary web portal known as ‘Unacademy’.

Roman Saini, who hails from Rajasthan, cracked AIIMS entrance exams at the age of 16. After his graduation from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) he served at National Drug Dependent Treatment Centre (NDDTC) as a junior resident doctor for a few months, but he had to leave that post as he cracked the Indian Administrative Services (IAS) Entrance Examination in 2014, when he was only 22 years old.

Unacademy, the website was basically started as a youtube channel with a focus to provide free webinar classes to the aspirants of government jobs, especially to the aspirants of Civil Service examinations. It has now turned into one of the most favored and trusted channel among the many educational channels with more than one lakh and sixty five thousand subscribers.

Roman, in a facebook post, spoke about how he and his friend Gaurav Munjal came with the idea to provide free education to the aspirants:

In 2011, Gaurav Munjal, whom I have known since school as the closest friend, called and spoke about his new idea ‘Unacademy’ which he had started on YouTube by posting a bunch of videos.

Roman said that after achieving this lucrative job he thought his experience should not be wasted and so he joined with his friend Gaurav in Unacademy to provide the best of his knowledge to those who are trying to get a government job.

He (Munjal) had a vision of free education – and he asked me to join him. Four years later, ‘Unacademy’ is now India’s one of the largest YouTube channels with 1.1 crore lessons delivered and over 5 Lakh students benefited

It was Roman’s deep desire to serve the country at a wider platform that made the Assistant Collector posted in Jabalpur to leave his job and dedicate all his time and labor to the cause of free education.

Recently, Gaurav and I took a life changing decision, we decided to quit whatever we were doing to pursue this full time

While shedding the light on Roman’s intense desire to serve the country, Jabalpur Collector Shiv Narayan Rupla said Roman had already decided to leave IAS in September last year as he wanted to serve the country with a focus on free education for all.

Personally, it was a difficult decision to quit the civil services, as I have utmost respect for it. But I believe in Unacademy’s vision of free education and hence, will be pursuing it full time from now.

Though, Roman, who is known as ‘doubt demolisher’ among the aspirants, termed his decision of leaving his job as “difficult”, he expressed his pleasure for getting an opportunity to work towards providing free education to everyone on a full-time basis, which was his original passion. (Picture

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