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Concrete that absorbs water up to 4000 liters in 60 seconds may prevent floods

By NewsGram Staff-Writer

New Delhi: Every year Indian cities witness a flooding of streets, parks, and highways during rainy seasons. Flooding is especially severe in cities like Mumbai, where life comes to a standstill during heavy rains.

Tarmac, a UK based company has come up with a solution that may finally help cities control the flooding crisis. Tarmac has created a permeable concrete with a super absorbent surface called ‘Topmix Permeable concrete’ that allows up to 4000 liters of water to pass through it within 60 seconds with an average permeability rate of 600 liters, per minute, per square meter.

Pavements made from this Topmix concrete will have two layers. The top layer will be a permeable layer made up of large pebbles that will allow the surface water to permeate through it and hence keeping the surface dry. Beneath the top surface there will be an attenuation layer that can either let the water pass into the soil beneath, or can be connected to the drainage system that will allow the absorbed water to flow into the city’s water supply.

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A video released by the company shows how the water is instantly absorbed by the Topmix concrete. It can be used in parking lots, sports pitches, driveways, sidewalks and cycle paths. According to the company website, its benefits include efficient storm water management, better environmental management, ease of placement, cost effective, and it provides aesthetic appeal.

The Topmix concrete is not without its limitation. It cannot be efficiently used in freezing temperatures. But, this may not be an issue in a country like India. Also, its water absorbing abilities may become compromised due to deposition of silt and dust. It cannot be used in highways and roads with heavy traffic because it cannot take heavy loads.

But, despite of all its limitations, the Topmix concrete may still prove to be very useful in handling flash flooding and storm-water management.




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