Confirmed that Sunanda Pushkar’s death was ‘unnatural’: Bassi

New Delhi: After receiving the observations by the All India Institute Of Medical Science (AIIMS) in Congress MP Shashi Tharoor’s wife Sunanda Pushkar’s viscera report, Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi on Friday confirmed that her death was due to ‘unnatural’ causes.

Speaking to the media here, he asserted that in the report by the FBI, it was said that none of the samples sent to them contained any radioactive material.

What was told to us by that FBI was that the content of the samples had no radioactive materials. The radioactive levels were found within the acceptable range, also certain other chemical compounds were found,

He added that based on the medical evidence and the investigation so far, Sunanda’s death was not natural.

We gave the whole report to the medical board and they assessed it very seriously. The report is 11 pages long with a 32-page annexure. We will examine it and will begin further investigations and will do what is required,


Sunanda Pushkar, 51, was found dead at the Leela Hotel in New Delhi in January 2014.

Pushkar’s viscera samples were sent to the FBI lab in Washington in February last year after a panel of doctors from AIIMS said that the alleged ‘poison’ could not be detected in Indian labs.

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