Corpse goes missing from Sanquelim Muslim cemetery in Goa

A muslim cemetery, Wikimedia

Panaji, March 4, 2017: Police in Goa’s North District filed an FIR on Saturday after a corpse went missing from the Sanquelim Muslim cemetery near here.

Police Inspector Narayan Chimulkar told IANS that the matter was reported on Saturday when Karim Ahmed Attar’s family went to the graveyard to perform some rituals, 10 days after the burial, and found the body missing.

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He said that a dog squad had been pressed into action and a set of gloves were found in the vicinity, which could have been used by those who dug up the grave.

Sanquelim Kabristan Committee President Anwar Mohammad Khan said that he learnt about the grave being vandalised and the body going missing on Saturday evening, when Attar’s family wanted to perform some rites.

“It is a custom among Muslims to perform some rituals on the tenth day of the burial. When the family reached here they found the grave disturbed and the body missing. We immediately informed the police,” he said. (IANS)