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A preliminary study by Israeli researchers has shown that the fourth dose of the Covid-19 vaccine boosts antibodies.

Amid rising cases of Omicron, a preliminary study by Israeli researchers has shown that the fourth dose of the Covid-19 vaccine boosts antibodies five-fold in just a week after the shot is administered, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said on Tuesday.
Bennett spoke during a visit to the Sheba Medical Center, where Israel launched a trial of a second booster early last week, the Jerusalem Post reported.
Israel has become the first country to roll out the fourth dose of the Covid-19 vaccine to health workers, people aged 60 years old, and those with weakened immune systems. According to Bennett, the initial results show that the fourth dose is as safe as the third. The increase in antibodies after a fourth dose indicates "a very high likelihood that the fourth dose will protect vaccinated people to a great degree, against infection to some degree and against severe symptoms," Bennett was quoted as saying.
Israel registered over 10,000 new coronavirus cases on Monday. The Health Ministry announced Tuesday, a figure previously reached only at the peak of the third wave in January 2021 and the fourth wave in September.

Israel has become the first country to roll out the fourth dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. | Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash

The new surge in cases caused by the highly infectious Omicron variant has been faster than any previous outbreak. Overall, almost 40,000 new virus carriers were identified in the country in the past week, marking a 240 percent increase compared to the previous seven days. The level of breakthrough infections was one of the reasons that brought the Health Ministry to approve an additional shot for the population over 60, the report said. "This is a very, very contagious variant, as we see. Morbidity rises and surges every day. The best answer is the vaccine," said Health Ministry Director-General Prof. Nachman Ash, who got inoculated on Tuesday morning. "We discussed a lot about the fourth vaccine, it took a few days to approve it, but now that we did, we are sure that it will help us as individuals to deal with the disease and help us as a country to deal with the pandemic," he noted. (IANS/ MBI)

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Sikandar Ali / Unsplash

In 2018, state heads of ASEAN countries graced the occasion with their presence.

There will be no chief guest at the Republic Day parade this year also as the plan to host state heads of five Central Asian countries -- Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan -- seems to have been cancelled due to the Covid situation in India as well as in the respective nations. Though the Ministry of External Affairs is yet to confirm this officially.

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Infection with antibiotic-resistant bacteria and biofilm formation halt healing progress.

A team of scientists from the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) have found a cure for those suffering from chronic wounds, particularly with diabetic foot ulcers. The team led by Prof Gopal Nath of the department of Microbiology, Institute of Medical Sciences, said that wounds that took months and years to heal, could now be cured in days or months. The findings of study have been published in the National Centre for Biotechnology Information, National Institutes of Health, US.

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The legendary captain was great in batting but did not score a ton for more than two years.

By Anna Melnikova

The Indian cricket lovers have been waiting for a ton from Virat Kohli for a long time, and he finally has made it. However, not in the batting as most fans expect, but in catching balls.

The second day of the 3rd Test in Capetown between local Proteas and the Men in Blue was rich for interesting occasions. Thus, South Africa was waiting for a good scoring result after stopping all Indian batters on the first day. Their opponents, however, have been looking for nice bowling not to lose the game just in the first innings. And while Bumrah added five wickets to his score, one of the dismissals should go to Virat Kohli. By the way, if you want more cricket news in India, we recommend subscribing to the specified site using the link.

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