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Covid19 homecare package for patients.

By Jyoti Kumari

Credihealth, India’s leading online healthcare portal, recently launched its online digitalization consultation for covid patients. This covid 19 online consultation program allows mild and asymptomatic patients to get Covid 19 treatment at home without getting hospitalized.

The covid homecare package includes 15-days remote monitoring and consultation for the covid Patient with mild or no symptoms. Patients can book packages as per their medical condition & preference. The recovery period for such patients is considered 13-15 days with proper treatment and homecare isolation guidelines. The packages from Credihealth for covid patients also include a tele/video consultation, E-prescription for medication, 24*7 quick support, Nutrition and dietary advice, and prevention and daycare advice.

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The second wave of the corona is turning into a disaster in India day by day. Hospitals are running short of beds, testing becomes difficult, and oxygen cylinder deficiency in hospitals worsens the situation every day. The whole health care system has taken a toll with the rise in covid cases.

“India is in the grip of COVID-19. It is a tough time for frontline workers, the government, and the entire nation. Credihealth steps up and is committed to doing its part in the right way. We bring you COVID consultation right from the safety of your home”, Said Ravi Virmani, Credihealth’s CEO and Managing Director. He also adds, “The services assure the best quality treatment at the comfort of your home, without any hospitalization, along with 24*7 monitoring by our expert medical team.

Covid19 homecare packages are certified. Pixabay

Our Covid homecare packages are certified and follow the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare’s guidelines (MoHFW)”.

Covid patients can book the covid homecare package through Credihealth’s web portal, where the full description and details are available about the package. To book the Covid homecare package, the Patient needs to fill in all the required information in the form. Following that, our healthcare expert will call to confirm your details and gather requirements to confirm your booking.

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About Credihealth – Credihealth is an online healthcare portal that has listed more than 4000+ health specialists and 650+ hospitals all over India. Credihealth allows you to book an appointment with a doctor and hospital after observing parameters like appointment fees, OPD hours, doctor’s qualification, experience, patient feedback and reviews, and much more. Credihealth also offers few add-on services such as an online medical loan, home care services, online medicine, medical devices, laboratory test booking, teleconsultation, and a second opinion on any treatment.

The Patient can also book covid consultation offline by calling on 8010-994-994 or get medical support from Credihealth’s in-house expert.



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