Cultural link glued by the UK-India Year of Culture in New Delhi

The goal of the event is to celebrate the strong cultural connection between the India and UK through an array of events, collaborations and partnerships

Vidya Shah, wikimedia

New Delhi, April 12, 2017: On Thursday night, India’s national bird Peacock could be seen gleaming on the edifice of British Council in New Delhi.

A grand projection of Indian dancers inspired by the image of the peacock was lit up on the building to mark year-long initiatives for the celebration of the UK-India Year of Culture. The official launch hosted four weeks ago by Queen Elizabeth in the United Kingdom was followed by this, mentioned The Hindu.

The goal of the event is to celebrate the strong cultural connection between the two countries through an array of events, collaborations, and partnerships. 57 new UK-India partnerships were also announced to extend the relationships in education, along with Mix the City Delhi, and several cultural collaborations and projects.

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According to the report by The Hindu, this event will host a restoration of an Indo-British-German co-production, Shiraz. The silent film is based on the love story of the 17th Century princess who is the inspiration behind the building of Taj Mahal, the international landmark for eternal love.

Also,300 newly digitalised films shot in India during the early 20th Century will be showcased by British Film Institute’s National Archive in August.

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In both India and the U.K, “Around India with a Movie camera” will be available to interested audience. the India Wales fund will be providing the funding for twelve art projects designed to enable Welsh and Indian creative professionals to collaborate and produce new works.

According to the statement of Alan Gemmell , British Council Director India,marking the commencement of the UK-India Year of Culture 2017 in India, “The primary objective of the UK-India 2017 Year of Culture is to further strengthen our ties and deepen our understanding of the past as well as help us appreciate the contemporary faces of both the UK and India. We hope this year long programme will set the trigger for a more meaningful and deeper cultural relationship between the two countries.”

On Mix the City Delhi, Gemmell mentioned that it brings 12 renowned Indian musicians to phones and tablets across Britain and India and also lets people create and share their own music video on Delhi.

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A world-class digital and cultural innovation of this caliber means that a the amazing Delhi music scene and the beauty of the city will be seen, heard, shared and felt by a global audience- making everyone a little bit of a Delhiite on their mobile!”

The event saw Vidya Shah showcasing her strength in classical music in a top-notch musical performance. She sang Dilli Jo Shehar Hai to relate to the Delhiites;the audience responded in a very positive manner to her brilliant presence.

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