10 Cultural Experiences in Amman

Have you visited the Gem of Jordan yet? Since 1946, Jordan has been a cultural hub of the Middle East. However, the kingdom experienced changes in its lifestyles and traditions with time. Amman has always been the center of attraction for cultural variations and political developments.
Have you visited the Gem of Jordan yet? Since 1946, Jordan has been a cultural hub of the Middle East.  (Wikimedia  Commons)
Have you visited the Gem of Jordan yet? Since 1946, Jordan has been a cultural hub of the Middle East. (Wikimedia Commons)

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Furthermore, you can experience creativity at every stage while visiting Amman. Want to explore this portion of the Middle East? Gear up and plan for a vigorous trip to Amman through Middle East Airlines booking. We will tell you about the ten notable cultural experiences you can expect in Amman. Stay here as we unfold the enticing plots.

Unique Activities To Do In Amman

Flavorful Amman lets you have fun every minute. Moreover, it bears the remnants of ancient Byzantine and Roman civilizations. Therefore, you will come across several artistic features in this cultural hub of the Middle East. Amman lies in the heart of Jordan and is referred to as the "Wasat" of the country. It means the middle. The visitors have lots of marvels to notice here.

Let us describe some of them in this piece.

1. Amman's Street Art

This is one of the most cherished things you can enjoy in Amman. The beautiful Street Art in various parts of the city reflects the artistic lifestyle. The Amman natives never miss an occasion to highlight their colorful lives, revitalized culture and neutrally shaded landscape, and happy everyday moods. Rainbow Street is the heart of Amman.

2. City of Stairs

The urban scenic beauty of Amman lies in its series of stairs. The landscape is exceptional due to its location on the 7 Hills. You will find different neighborhoods connected by intricately decorated stairs. The colorful sights will bring a big smile to your face, reducing all the day's tensions. You should never miss the Rainbow Stairs while enjoying local delicacies on the Amman streets.

3. Ancient Stories In Museums

The Amman tour is incomplete without a visit to the esteemed museums. They bear hundreds of stories of ancient Roman culture and display several traditional artifacts. Lose yourself amongst these Old Signs of Amman. The mesmerizing craftsmanship takes you back a hundred years before. Arabic calligraphy, typography, and a rich history portray the unknown secrets of Jordan.

10 Cultural Experiences in Amman. (Wikimedia Commons)
10 Cultural Experiences in Amman. (Wikimedia Commons)

4. A City Tour

The Wanderlust takes you to many parts of this world to taste the unexpected. An Amman City Tour is one such mesmerizing touring experience. As you fly down to Jordan, you first book a City Tour with the local guides. Although you learn about every spot distinctly in their company, trying the local specialties is more enjoyable through solo traveling.

5. Pampering Yourself

After enjoying the marvels of Amman, it is time to pamper yourself. The Turkish Hamman gives you an unforgettable Spa experience here. Furthermore, you can plan a weekend watching brilliant movies and go for R & R. The nightlife becomes more energetic with the top pubs and clubs.

6. Views of Countryside

Are you bored with the noisy city life? Want to have some Me-time within the lush green surroundings? Amman's countryside can give you that experience. Take sips of the handcrafted beers at the local breweries or Carakale. Spend some cherishing moments in the small town of Fuheis, and visit the top restaurants serving traditional cuisines.

7. Shopping and Summer

If you visit Amman during summer, shopping is a must-do activity. You can't resist filling up your bags with local fashion products. Souk Jara is the primary market area selling hand-made products. Friday is the time, especially during summer, to collect some souvenirs at Jabal Amman's Rainbow Street.

8. Nabad Gallery

Celebrate Amman's colorful art and contemporary culture as you visit the Nabad Gallery. Moreover, the gallery organizes art events and community classes on traditional and modern art. The marvelous residences dating back to the 1930s are subject to amazing renovations.

Have you visited the Gem of Jordan yet? Since 1946, Jordan has been a cultural hub of the Middle East.  (Wikimedia  Commons)
Tourists choosing nearby destinations over distant ones

9. Roman Amphitheatre

Another stunning experience awaits you at the Roman Amphitheatre. Being one of the historical landmarks, this place bears the ancient styles and is located in downtown Amman. Mostly, it hosts delightful concerts for a great time here.

10. Citadel of Amman

We have talked about all the adventures and fun-filled activities in Amman. Now, spend some minutes in the realms of God. Amman Citadel stands erect, bearing the artistic symbols of the Neolithic Era. Moreover, it is a fabulous blend of contemporary and ancient artwork. You can enjoy the beautiful visions of sunset at any season from this Citadel.

Final Thoughts

Amman lets you relive your life with every exciting feature, making you experience a great fusion of modern and ancient art. Appreciate the marvelous colorful staircases and the incredible architecture. Soak in the well-curated tour packages as you set the trip by quick Middle East Airlines booking for Amman. (GP/NJ)