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Curry Walla in Temple Town: The Restaurant serves Indian Cuisine in Angkor Wat, Cambodia

The pure vegetarian restaurant which serves the flavored kadhi chawal in the temple town is something of surprise

Kadhi Chawal. Image source: Wikimedia Commons
  • The people of Indian-origin who live in Cambodia haven’t forgotten their homeland or its delicious recipes
  • The pure vegetarian restaurant named Curry Walla began in June 2006 
  • There is a  total of 5 Indian chefs, 54 Cambodians and 2 Philippines between the four restaurants

The interactions between India and Cambodia date back to 400 AD. Not only in its external forms does it picture India but even the ideals of ethics and morality are shaped by Indian philosophy. There have been migrations to Cambodia, resulting in the exchange of customs and adaptation of many forms, including that of food. The people of Indian-origin who live in Cambodia haven’t forgotten their homeland or its delicious recipes.

Amarjeet Singh the young co- owner of Curry Walla which is situated in Siam Reap, famous for the Angkor Wat – a 12th-century Hindu-Buddhist temple complex, said to be the largest religious monument in the world, talks to Shyamola Khanna of The Indian Diaspora Website.

This pure vegetarian restaurant which serves the flavored kadhi chawal in the temple town is something of a surprise. Curry Walla began in June 2006. It was started by Amarjeet and his cousin Inderjeet in partnership with a long term Cambodian resident Ranjit Singh and Vijay from Singapore. March 2008 saw the opening of Curry Walla 2 which was recently renamed Namaste. Adjacent to Curry Walla is a Cambodian restaurant by a Khmer Chef. Namaste Spa 1 & 2, and ChopstiX which serves Chinese food was started in 2013. Shyamola Khanna says that it is very popular in the city because she says that every time she   went   in for a meal, it was always full.

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An Indian Diaspora article states that Amarjeet is part owner with his cousin Inderjeet and Ranjit who has been living in Angkor Wat since 1996. Inderjeet came in 2001 and Amarjeet came in 2006.

“Now I have been here almost 9 years and 7 months. We are doing pretty well. It is a small and peaceful city and the Cambodian people are warm and friendly. We are quite happy with the city life here,” says Amarjeet to The Indian Diaspora Website.

Amarjeet got married with a Cambodian girl named Sem Srey Pheak around 2 years ago with the blessings of both the Cambodian and the Punjabi families. Although language is a barrier, both families are very comfortable with each other, he says.
Amarjeet says, “I can’t see my mother learning the local language!”

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Image Source : theindiandiaspora
Image Source : theindiandiaspora.com

Talking about his ties with Punjab and his life over there, he says “Of course I do miss Punjab every day, for the seasons, the various festivals, friends, and relatives. At present half of my family is living here, some are in Punjab and some in the US. So we are looking forward to a suitable time when we can have a family gathering sometime in the future.”

With a total of 5 Indian chefs, 54 Cambodians and 2 Philippines between the four restaurants, Amarjeet supervisors the restaurants and makes an effort to be present in all the four places. His  partners and elder sister and brother-in-law also play a part in its running, mentioned theindiandiaspora.com article.

Apart from restaurants, there are various other establishments that strengthen the “Indian ties” with Cambodia. Raj, a third generation Punjabi from Delhi runs the Asian Crafts Centre in Angkor Wat. The centre is a sprawling showroom with all kinds of artifacts from India. The Indian Diaspora article says that his grandfather was the first one who ventured out to Cambodia and set up the business. Raj, who has a degree in gemology, says that he would like to go back to work with gems in India.

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  • Antara

    This is simply amazing! Promotion and celebration of Indian cuisine!

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Cricket madness in Chicago

People sacrifice other chores just to enjoy this beautiful game and to keep it alive in countries outside India where cricket is not a major sport.

Cricket has become a popular sport in Chicago. Around 900 people play the game in the windy city.

By West Loop Cricket Association, Chicago

WLCA Working Committee

Hari Mohan, Harshavardhna Hedge, Kunal Tembhurne, Niranjan Kulkarni, Saurabh Nigam, Shreenidhi Bharadwaj, Shekar Reddy Palla, Shwetabh Gaurav, Sunil Saini, Vivek Sarkar


Cricket is more a religion, less a sport in India. People are obsessed with the sport and magnitude of love cannot be defined in words.

In the United States, Baseball, Basketball and Soccer are obviously more popular. However, Cricket has a strong presence due to the passion and love of Indians for the game. The Indian community in USA avidly plays and promotes cricket and, in the process comes closer to each other.


The tournament played between Chicago Centaurs and Arrigo Avengers.


The passion for the game is unreal in USA too. Working men enjoy the sport in their free time. They even book grounds (baseball/soccer grounds) to practice and conduct tournament matches. The players are from all backgrounds – students, businessmen, lawyers, IT professionals to doctors. They all take out time out of their busy schedules and come together to rejoice the gentleman’s game in the windy city.

Tournaments in Chicago

As cricket has a strong presence in Chicago, many friendly yet competitive tournaments are conducted by cricket fanatics to keep the game alive.

Chicagotwenty20 tournament

Chicagotwenty20 is the oldest cricket tournament that was conducted in Chicago. It’s first season took place in 2009 and the tenth season was played in 2018. The league is played in 20 overs format. 56 teams participate from Chicago and are divided into groups 4 with 14 teams in each group.  Each team has a squad of 16 players with 11 playing and rest 5 as extras. Each team has a home ground. 7 matches are played at home ground and the rest at the opponent’s ground. The top eight teams from each group are qualified for the quarter finals. The tournament is almost four months long. The best player of the winning team is awarded the man of the match in every match. Best Batsman, Best bowler, MVP ( most valuable player) awards are given at the end of the season.

The 2018 season was won by team Yorkers. The Best Batsman, Highest score and the MVP award was given to Mr Pavan Shetty of team Yorkers, who scored 418 runs. The best bowler award was given to Sivakumar for taking 27 wickets.


This is the team who connected via the meetup link which has more than 300 members.


WLCA Super 8 tournament

WLCA (West Loop Cricket Association, Chicago) was formed by four IT professionals in 2016 with the sole objective of promoting the game of cricket in Chicago City area. Based out of vibrant and affluent Chicago West Loop, WLCA is an assemblage of 300+ cricket players. These cricket enthusiasts come from different walks of life being corporate professionals, UIC/IIT students and local businessmen. There are hundreds of followers across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

WLCA mainly involve in:

  • Organize annual cricket tournament
  • Coordinate weekly cricket games in different Chicago City park locations
  • Coordinating friendly games with other known Chicago Suburban teams
  • WLCA team represented Chicago City in other Chicagoland tournaments including Chicago T20 League and Soha Cup
  • Maintaining and making available Cricket Equipment Kit free of cost to playing group

The WLCA hosts Super 8 Cricket tournament which started in 2017 by the West Loop cricket association (WLCA). It is played under the format of 8 overs and 8 players in each team. This concept of tournament was the first to be launched by WLCA in Chicago. This is the shortest time-consuming format (2 days) and the played at the heart of Chicago Downtown. The first season was extremely successful (12 teams) and participating teams called out as the best organized cricket tournament amongst many happening in Chicago.

Season 2 played in 2018 organized by WLCA had 16 teams divided into four groups with four teams in each group. The semi-finals and final are played with 10 overs. There is a man of the match, best bowler, best fielder award for every match

Westloop Wolves Team.


Here is the fixture and schedule of Season 2:

There are 16 teams participating in this short format cricket tournament.

16 team is divided into 4 groups.

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Winter Wolves (A1) Chicago Wild Kittens(B1) Arrigo Avengers(C1) Super 9s(D1)
Dark Knights (A2) Challengers(B2) Cook County(C2) Chicago Super Kings(D2)
Chicago Centaurs(A3) Hunters (B3) Westside Wolves(C3) River City (D3)
International Khiladies (A4) Ballers(B4) Knights(C4) CSK+(D4)

Each team in the group will play only two matches with the other two teams.

From each group top two teams will be qualified for the quarterfinals, then semis and finals.

Chicago Centaurs were the Champions and Super 9s were the runners up.

The tournament has become a big deal in no time. It was sponsored by big names like USBank (thanks to Susan Brown), Lodha Group (this group was also the associated sponsor of Ind vs, Eng Test Series in 2018) and Metra Spice Mart (Only Indian Grocery Store in Chicago Downtown). The tournament has gained momentum in no time and is likely to do so in the years to come.

Keeping the game alive overseas

Cricket has become a huge deal in Chicago. Around 900 people play the game in the windy city. Tournaments like above help in maintaining healthy competition and something to be excited for.

People sacrifice other chores just to enjoy this beautiful game and to keep it alive in countries outside India where cricket is not a major sport.


Dark Knights Led by Pranjal Chauhan


“My favourite sport and always loved to watch and play the game anywhere in the world anytime. Always loved to organize these kinds of tournament from childhood so continuing the same thing outside the country”, Says Harshavardhna Hedge, Organizer, WLCA super 8 tournament.

“Well I love the sport and love my country. We get to relive our childhood and impart love for the game to the next generation. The community comes together and enjoy, and we also return to the society through charity”, Says Hari Mohan, Organizer, WLCA super 8 tournament.