Dalai Lama meets mahants in Kumbh

By NewsGram Staff Writer

Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama arrived at Trimbakteshwar on Sunday, a day after the first shahi snan (holy dip) to meet with religious heads who have gathered for the ongoing Kumbh. He also visited the Karshni Ashram at Trimbakteshwar.

“It is due to these democratic values that people belonging to different religions and caste live in peace and harmony. Hence, India,as compared  to its neighbours,is in such state of peace” said the Dalai Lama while addressing the media and mahants.

He further said, “I look at India as a land of ‘sarvadharmasambhav’ (an equal regard for all religions or secularism), where people of all religions and caste are safe and are progressing. And so I feel there is an urgent need for heads of all religions must come together and work towards spreading the message of peace and harmony.”

With Guru Sharananand, Swami Parmanand and Swami Gyananand, Dalai Lama also planted a sapling after reaching the Karshani Ashram. He said he was in the town to meet the various mahants of Akharas in order to discuss the issue of peace and how to spread it across the world.