Delhi Metro Rail Corporation asks Passengers not to carry Fire-crackers on Trains during Diwali

Carrying Fire-crackers are prohibited under Delhi Metro Railway (O&M) Act 2002 and Rules

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Shops selling Firecrackers in Diwali. Flickr

New Delhi, October 23, 2016: Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has asked its passengers not to carry fire-crackers and toy-guns while travelling on trains during the Diwali festival season, an official said on Saturday.

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In an official advisory issued here, DMRC said: “Carrying such items is prohibited under Delhi Metro Railway (O&M) Act 2002 and Rules framed therein, as the same may be dangerous and pose safety and security risk to the entire Metro system and its patron including staff and general public.”

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“All concerned are advised not to carry such items for their convenience and cooperate with DMRC and CISF authorities to facilitate a smooth and convenient journey during the festive season,” it added. (IANS)



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