Monday March 25, 2019
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Derailing of Rajdhani Express averted by 3 brothers


New Delhi: A major train tragedy of 12423 Dibrugarh-New Delhi Rajdhani Express was averted near Patna on Sunday night due to the alertness of three brothers present at the station.

The incident took place 100 kilometres east of Patna near Mokama railway station, through which the Rajdhani Express was scheduled to pass on Sunday night. Rajdhani does not have a stoppage at Mokama station, due to which it was arranged to pass through platform No 4.

The incident took place minutes before the train was slated to pass that junction. 3 brothers — Chotan Das, Manish Das and Sabir Das — were waiting at Mokama station for a local train to go to Athmalgola, when they saw 1 metre of railway track was missing from the route through which the train was to pass. Rajdhani had been given green signal to cross via that route.

Chotan was the first to see the missing track, he then shouted out to his brothers for help to save the train from derailing. As they hurried to the spot, Chotan removed a torch and Manish tossed his gamcha (mini-towel) to show a red flag to the speeding train. Signalling the Rajdhani driver regarding the danger ahead as the driver realised the danger of the situation guessing from the signals given by the brother, used emergency brakes to stop.

The train stopped barely seven feet ahead of the damaged path.

The presence of mind of 3 brothers saved lives of over 1,000 passengers. Several travellers even got off the train to thank the brothers.

An investigation has been initiated to detect the reasons of the track being out of place.

“The real reason will be known only after a proper investigation is conducted,” said senior section engineer A K Mandal in an interview with a newspaper.


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‘Rail Neer’ racket busted; Rs 20 crore seized by CBI


NewsGram Staff Writer

New Delhi: Around Rs 20 crore in cash was seized by CBI during drives at 13 locations in Delhi and suburban Noida, Uttar Pradesh in connection with an alleged racket involved with the supply of packaged drinking water in premium trains. The racket allegedly supplied lower grade packaged drinking water other than the mandatory ‘Rail Neer’ in premium trains including Rajdhani and Shatabdi Express.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) said, a case has been registered against the then Chief Commercial Manager (Catering) of Northern Railways MS Chalia, and a man named Sandeep Silas.

CBI also booked private companies – RK Associates Pvt Ltd, Satyam Caterers Pvt Ltd, Ambuj Hotel and Real Estate, PK Associates Pvt Ltd, Sunshine Pvt Ltd, Brandavan Food Product and Food World – under the Prevention of Corruption Act.

Notably, Silas has served as a private secretary to a former union minister.

Sources revealed that Rs 20 crore was seized from the residence of Shyam Bihari Agrawal and his sons Abhishek Agrawal and Rahul Agarwal, who own RK Associates and Brandavan Food Product.

The officials were accused of extending favours to these private firms in the supply of cheap packaged drinking water other than the mandatory ‘Rail Neer’ in premium trains, including the Rajdhani and Shatabdi Express.

CBI spokesperson Devpreet Singh said the Railway Board had prescribed that the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) shall provide ‘Rail Neer’ at Rs10.50 (approx) per bottle to private caterers who would be paid Rs 15 (approx) per bottle for supplying the same to passengers in premium trains.

However, private suppliers, in order to obtain undue gain, were allegedly supplying cheap packaged water, other than ‘Rail Neer’, available in the market at Rs.5.70 to Rs.7 (approx) per bottle, thereby causing monetary gains to themselves and loss to the exchequer, the official said.

“The accused public servants did not take any action against the private parties providing catering services in the premium trains, despite repeated requests from the IRCTC over non-lifting of allotted quota of ‘Rail Neer’ by private caterers,” the spokesperson said.

The CBI said that Railway Board directions to ensure the supply of ‘Rail Neer’ in premium trains were ignored by accused officials, causing undue pecuniary advantage to private parties and corresponding loss to the IRCTC.

“Searches were conducted today (Friday) at 13 places in Delhi and Noida, which led to recovery of cash amount of around Rs 20 crore and a large number of incriminating documents,” the spokesperson added.

(With inputs from IANS)