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Nagesh Kukunoor's 'Dhanak'

Nagesh Kukunoor has always been known as a man delivering high-quality films with scintillating performances and heart-touching stories.

Nagesh Kukunoor’s ‘Dhanak’

Nagesh Kukunoor’s ‘Dhanak’

A movie-maker that gave world a chance to see films like Lakshmi, Iqbal, Dor, Aashayein, Hyderabad Blues, Rockford, and Three walls, his recent film ‘Dhanak’ is a masterstroke amid all.

The film has been invited for the GenerationKplus programme of the 65th edition of the famous International Film Festival where it will have global competitors; as it premiers at the prestigious Berlin International Film Festival 2015.

Dhanak is a story of life, love, relationship, happiness and Hope. Dhanak means Rainbow in Rajasthani language and is a colorful story of a brother-sister bond. The children belong to a small town in Rajasthan and have grown surrounded by the teaching that life is beautiful and happiness lies everywhere and you don’t need to have luxuries to gain happiness.

Dhanak is a story of hope and how far you would go to fulfill a promise. The movie revolves around the beautiful kids, eight years old boy and his ten years old sister. Being visually impaired in the far away town the girl promises her brother that he will see the world before he turns 9; and the journey of a promise begins.

The journey is magical as the brother-sister bond strengthens under the sunshine as well as beneath the calmness of the night. Hand-in hand the duo paves their way towards a desire to see a rainbow in a barren land. the promised is backed by the poster of Shah Rukh Khan that promises his viewers eyes and thus installing a sense of belief in the sister to watch her promise reap.

The film on a bigger perspective highlights the fact that we are entangled between the reality, the superstardom hoax and hope. It leaves us with a thought that how we are affected by the superstars and follow and trust them blindly.

The most stung by the superstardom are the young lot, especially the kids. The film lets you wonder that superstars are not just left with a tag of entertainers but they are idolized as magicians that can fulfill the wishes; and life is all about hope, dreams and an urge to fulfill it even though we try to keep up an impossible promise.


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