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Digital Transformation: Matchmaking On Video Calls Rises To 50%

When digital transformation is the in-thing across industries, finding soulmates has also found its safe haven online

Virtual ways to find a life partner are now a reality, or better yet, the new normal, suggests a new survey. With the second wave of Covid-19, Jeevansathi.com, a matrimony platform, rolled out a survey to understand how this impacts the search for a life partner.

Results show that half of the respondents feel that virtual meetings will become the norm very soon; completely replacing physical meetings during one’s search for a life partner. In contrast, in August 2020, only 40 percent of respondents confirmed the same. When digital transformation is the in-thing across industries, finding soulmates has also found its safe haven online.

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Rohan Mathur, Business Head, Jeevansathi.com said, “Pandemic has changed the way people search for a life partner. We have witnessed the increasing affinity among our users towards virtual ways of connecting with prospective matches. While we saw a spike in usage of voice and video-calling on our platform as soon as Covid hit, the trend has continued even after relaxations in government restrictions and a drop in cases.

At the onset of the Covid pandemic, we had seen the volume of calls on the platform go up 1.6X. This year, the number of voice/video calls is a whopping 11X of what it was pre-Covid. Total time spent on calls has also gone up 10 times.”

video calls
38 percent of the respondents are comfortable making a decision based on virtual meetings. Pixabay

As many as 38 percent of the respondents are comfortable making a decision based on virtual meetings alone! While digital has its own ease, it has not completely banished the importance of in-person meetings. 44 percent of respondents are happy to connect over video calls to know each other but meeting in person is still required for the final decision. Only 18 percent said that they still prefer meeting matches face-to-face over virtually.

It is interesting to see the newfound appreciation for small weddings with limited guest lists. While it was understandably the most popular choice when cases in the country had peaked, even after the vaccine rollout, 55 percent of respondents have expressed their preference for smaller weddings. The second wave of Covid-19 could be one of the reasons for the same.

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However, in this wave, people are relatively more relaxed and want to go back to a world where big fat Indian weddings were common. Twenty-seven percent of respondents said they would readily have a regular wedding now, albeit with safety precautions vs only 11 percent of respondents willing in August ’20. While searching for a partner who has moved online in the wake of the lockdown, virtual weddings are completely eliminated. No respondent opted for a virtual wedding in the survey, as compared to 11 percent who did in August ’20.

That said, safety and sanitization have become the top priority in Indian weddings since the pandemic hit. Over 50 percent of respondents chose a Covid-safe wedding over the perfect outfits, pictures, food, etc. Sixty-nine percent of respondents said they are now comfortable attending a pandemic wedding with the requisite precautions. (IANS/SP)



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