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Delhi Chief Arvind Kejriwal, Wikimedia

New Delhi, March 25, 2017:

Discontentment among AAP volunteers-

Rahul Bhaskar, the President of ward 93, Karol Bagh Vidhan Sabha, resigned from presidentship on 18th March owing to malpractices running in the Aam Aadmi Party. According to Bhaskar, he was not involved in the decision-making process despite him holding an important position in his ward. The decision of MCD Ticket distribution was an imposed one rather than a collective one.

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AAP famed owing to its anti-corruption propaganda but sooner turned into a façade. The effort to bridge the gap between rich and poor was only discerned as widened over the by the party’s nonchalance towards its core volunteers.

Newsgram reached to Rahul Bhaskar, the president of Karol Bagh Vidhan Sabha to understand the reason behind the sudden resignation.

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“We fought for a very long time with regard to the problems we have faced. We struggled through the ill treatment of party towards us and even we raised our voices but the party remained obstinate with its unprofessional conduct”, said Rahul Bhaskar to Newsgram.

Rahul further added “Lately, I have realized that this party does not respect its workforce. Our role was just limited to sloganeering and carrying props for public display, however, we have worked from dawn to dusk to make this party a successful venture”.

The volunteers also tried to reach at Mr. Kejriwal residence to present their grievances but MLA Kapil Mishra shunned the women volunteers which impaired the sentiments of women volunteers who came to meet their sole leader Kejriwal.

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“I feel despaired with this party and have chosen to resign”, Rahul Bhaskar quoted to Newsgram.

The blatant reality of the party lies in it manifesting economic disparity, poor remains poor and riches are getting richer. The party which targeted backward class people by dwelling a sense of belongingness in them is now shifting its paradigm towards the bribery and high command culture.

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The AAP party apparition was to pave the way in one direction and as a consequence to which the volunteers joined the party. The motto was to construct the commoner force and that the decision making involves the commoners itself as specified by Rahul Bhaskar to Newsgram.

Reported by Naina Mishra of Newsgram, Twitter: Nainamishr94


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