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Discontentment in the Aam Aadmi Party is resulting into Resignation and withdrawals from the party

According to Bhaskar, he was not involved in the decision-making process despite him holding an important position in his ward

Delhi Chief Arvind Kejriwal, Wikimedia

New Delhi, March 25, 2017:

Discontentment among AAP volunteers-

Rahul Bhaskar, the President of ward 93, Karol Bagh Vidhan Sabha, resigned from presidentship on 18th March owing to malpractices running in the Aam Aadmi Party. According to Bhaskar, he was not involved in the decision-making process despite him holding an important position in his ward. The decision of MCD Ticket distribution was an imposed one rather than a collective one.

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AAP famed owing to its anti-corruption propaganda but sooner turned into a façade.  The effort to bridge the gap between rich and poor was only discerned as widened over the by the party’s nonchalance towards its core volunteers.

Newsgram reached to Rahul Bhaskar, the president of Karol Bagh Vidhan Sabha to understand the reason behind the sudden resignation.

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“We fought for a very long time with regard to the problems we have faced. We struggled through the ill treatment of party towards us and even we raised our voices but the party remained obstinate with its unprofessional conduct”, said Rahul Bhaskar to Newsgram.

Rahul further added “Lately, I have realized that this party does not respect its workforce. Our role was just limited to sloganeering and carrying props for public display, however, we have worked from dawn to dusk to make this party a successful venture”.

The volunteers also tried to reach at Mr. Kejriwal residence to present their grievances but MLA Kapil Mishra shunned the women volunteers which impaired the sentiments of women volunteers who came to meet their sole leader Kejriwal.

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“I feel despaired with this party and have chosen to resign”, Rahul Bhaskar quoted to Newsgram.

The blatant reality of the party lies in it manifesting economic disparity, poor remains poor and riches are getting richer. The party which targeted backward class people by dwelling a sense of belongingness in them is now shifting its paradigm towards the bribery and high command culture.

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The AAP party apparition was to pave the way in one direction and as a consequence to which the volunteers joined the party. The motto was to construct the commoner force and that the decision making involves the commoners itself as specified by Rahul Bhaskar to Newsgram.


Reported by Naina Mishra of Newsgram, Twitter: Nainamishr94




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Saw AAP MLAs Assaulting Chief Secretary, CM’s Advisor Tells Police

The AAP defended by stating that Jain had initially told police that he did not witness any assault and police has threatened Jain to change his statement

aap mlas
The AAP had denied the charges of assault and said that the Chief Secretary was making allegations at the behest of the BJP. Wikimedia Commons

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s adviser V. K. Jain on Thursday told police that he saw AAP MLAs Amanatullah Khan and Prakash Jarwal “physically assaulting” Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash, according to Jain’s statement recorded by the Delhi Police.

The AAP defended by stating that Jain had initially told police that he did not witness any assault and police has threatened Jain to change his statement.

On Tuesday, the Chief Secretary had alleged that he was beaten up by the two AAP MLAs in the presence of Kejriwal at the Chief Minister’s residence on Monday night, where he had been called for an emergency meeting.

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Police later arrested Khan and Jarwal and they were sent to judicial custody till Thursday.

According to the Chief Secretary, the Chief Minister’s adviser had called him over the phone and asked him to come to the Chief Minister’s residence for the meeting and Jain was also present there.

aap mlas
According to the statement, Jain also saw that the Chief Secretary’s spectacles had fallen to the ground and the Chief Secretary picked them up and left the room. Wikimedia Commons

On Thursday, the Delhi Police submitted Jain’s statement at a city court, which said that Jain had gone to the washroom during the meeting and as he came out he saw the two AAP MLAs “physically assaulting” the Chief Secretary.

The statement was recorded under Section 161 of the CrPC, which means that it was recorded in front of the police and not a magistrate.

Sources told IANS that Jain later recorded his statement in front of a magistrate under section 164 of the CrPC.

“The statement under section 164 was later recorded with the magistrate in front a camera, without the presence of police. In that statement also he (Jain) has said that he saw the two MLAs physically assaulting the Chief Secretary,” a police officer privy to the case told IANS.

The officer said that the statement under section 164 has also been submitted to the court.

Jain was first questioned on Wednesday morning and then again on Thursday and his statement was recorded on Thursday.

The change in Jain’s statement that the AAP was referring to was from a “question and answer” with Jain recorded by police after questioning him on Wednesday.

According to a copy of Wednesday’s “question and answer” recorded by police, when asked whether Jain saw the Chief Secretary being manhandled, he replied that he had gone to the washroom in between the meeting and he could not say what happened during that time.

“By putting pressure on him (Jain) throughout the day (Thursday) and by threatening him, police has forced him to change his statement,” AAP MP Sanjay Singh told the media here on Thursday.

aap mlas
Singh said that the whole issue was a conspiracy to “bring down the Delhi government” and to “defame the AAP”. Wikimedia Commons


“How is it that the same Jain who emphatically said yesterday that he witnessed no assault during the entire time that he was present there has now claimed otherwise?” he asked.

Singh said that AAP MLAs were being arrested over an alleged assault of which there was no proof.

“But on the other hand, despite there being video footage of officials assaulting Delhi Cabinet Minister Imran Hussain, there is no action taken against the guilty by the Delhi Police,” the AAP MP said.

The court on Thursday sent the two AAP MLAs, arrested on charges of assaulting the Chief Secretary, to judicial custody for 14 days.

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Orders on the bail pleas of the two AAP MLAs and also on their police custody will be pronounced on Friday.

Meanwhile, scores of Delhi government employees across the city observed a five-minute silence outside their respective offices as a protest against the alleged assault on the Chief Secretary.

The IAS Association said that officers would continue the protest every day, till steps are taken to “ensure safety and dignity” of government staff in the city.

The AAP also hit out at Lt Governor Anil Baijal by stating that he was “working as a BJP agent” and demanded action against those involved in “manhandling and beating up” Hussain and his aide at the Delhi Secretariat on Tuesday. (IANS)