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Distant galaxies to remain blurry in telescopes

The National Research Council of Canada has suggested that the universe has a certain trait which blurs distant images of galaxies, and telescopes, no matter how big, will fail to clearly see them clearly.

The Hubble Telescope had construction flaws which created blurry images; so astronomers were looking forward to the James Webb Space Telescope, which is to be launched in 2018. The telescope was supposed to give a better view of the galaxies. But now, it is possible that the James Webb and future versions would continue to fall short.

However, quantum mechanics is a highly volatile topic with frequent new findings. If the theories accepted at present get disproved, the predictions will prove to be false.

Light originating from galaxies, which are millions of miles away, travels the vast space to reach the telescope lens. On the way, whatever it encounters blurs the light. No telescope would be able to fix this issue.

If things are seen on the Planck Scale, the smallest scale according to quantum theory, tiny particles form and destroy each other constantly. Even though these reactions occur at such a small level, they create ripples in space-time, distorting the light that passes through, much like how the earth’s atmosphere disturbs it here.

But if it is correct, it only shows us how little we may ever know of our universe, thanks to its massive size.



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