“Do not Stand and Drink Water” : Here is Why it is often said so!

Often people are recommended to not stand while they drink water. This is the reason behind the "tale"

Do not stand and drink water
Water is essential for us in many ways, and properly drinking it is important for a healthy life. Wikimedia
  • We all may have once heard “do not stand and drink water” mainly from our elders
  • Even Ayurveda recommends that one must not be standing while drinking water as the body does not attain full optimization
  • This is also something that science has to say, verifying the “tale”

July 06, 2017: Water is an essential component of life. Life itself, as we know, was born in it. Our own human body is two-thirds water. It helps us in hydration, healthy blood circulation, and removing toxic wastes from our body.

Our body uses and loses out on a lot of water every day, thus making it significant to keep hydrated. Turns out, there are certain ways we must drink water in order to fully absorb it.

Ayurveda, a healthy and natural way of life, has some recommendations. Your body posture plays a crucial role in absorbing the water efficiently. The tale “don’t drink water while you are standing” actually makes sense from the Ayurvedic perspective. The nerves in your body are in a state of tension when you stand and drink water. State of tension implies a fighting system or medical science would call a sympathetic system. The human body assumes danger lurking and gets into a fighting mode.

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A closely related factor to it is the pace at which water is being consumed. In fact, the pace and posture are interrelated, Dr. Dhanvantree who is an Ayurvedic expert told NDTV. He explains that standing while drinking water actually increases the speed at which water is being consumed and consequently, problems like arthritis and joint damage arise.

Drinking water is a science. Water must be consumed slowly and steadily. Fast consuming makes the water splash at a great volume on the stomach wall, thus damaging it. The digestive system is disturbed. Sitting while you drink water is actually proven to be more filtered and better at distributing nutrients throughout your body.

Science and natural lifestyle both back the tale that has been passed down by our seniors. Once again, it is better to listen to them for they know better. Recommend the ones around you with these reasons for a healthier life.

– prepared by Saksham Narula of Newsgram. Twitter: @Saksham2394