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Don’t make Holi an excuse to binge on unhealthy calories and accumulate Health risks!

Try some healthy snacks like roasted hare kabab, grilled paneer tikka, rawa idli, broccoli and lentil chaat, this holi!

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New Delhi, March 9, 2017: Don’t make Holi an excuse to binge on unhealthy calories and accumulate health risks. Go for detox and ditch too much of sweets, says an expert.

Sonia Narang, Nutrition Expert, Oriflame India, shares some tips that can help you to eat right on this Holi.

* Eat right and combat overeating. Gujiya and papri among a dozen other dishes are a must, but you must maintain the calorie consumption. For instance, take a spoonful instead of a full serving.

* You can increase water intake and salads to curb your appetite. Drink at least eight glasses of water for keeping your body hydrated. Try to stay away from drinks such as thandai and other alcoholic beverages.

* Plan your meal in such a way that one special meal of the day should most likely be lunch, so that day activities and movements can burn the extra amount of calories. Try keeping your breakfast light and healthy while dinner should be as light as possible to manage the intake of calories.

* Don’t neglect your exercise routine, keep your body active and compensate for the extra calories that are consumed.

* Try some healthy snacks like roasted hare kabab, grilled paneer tikka, rawa idli, broccoli and lentil chaat.

* Make a smoothie of strawberries, raspberries, apple, grapes and fresh ripened tomatoes. Add a little water and serve chilled. (IANS)

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Smoking Marijuana May Lead to Junk Food Binge

"These might seem like small numbers. But they're statistically and economically significant,"

Marijuana, Canada
An employee inspects the leaf of a cannabis plant at a medical marijuana plantation in northern Israel. (VOA)

Legalising recreational marijuana can increase junk food sales, which may contribute to obesity, a major risk factor for diseases like Type-2 diabetes heart disease as well as various cancers, say researchers.

The team found a link between recreational marijuana legalisation and increased consumption of certain high-calorie foods, suggesting there may be something more substantial to the urban myth of “the munchies”.

According to the researchers, including Michele Baggio from the University of Connecticut, people after smoking marijuana go on a junk food binge, consuming mass quantities of chips, cookies.

While some neuroscientists have hypotheses, there remains no formal causal evidence to support this notorious effect of marijuana on the human brain, they said.

Israel, Marijauna
An Israeli woman works at Tikkun Olam medical cannabis farm, near the northern Israeli city of Safed, Israel, Nov. 1, 2012. Late Tuesday, Dec. 25, 2018, Israel’s parliament unanimously approved a law to permit exports of medical marijuana. VOA

For the study, published in the journal Social Science Research Network, the team looked at data on monthly purchases of cookies, chips and ice cream from grocery, convenience, drug and mass distribution stores in more than 2,000 countries in the US over a 10-year period.

The team compared purchasing trends to the implementation dates for recreational marijuana laws in states including Colorado, Oregon, and Washington.

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Their analysis showed that legalising recreational marijuana led to a 3.1 per cent increase in ice cream purchases, a 4.1 per cent increase in cookie purchases, and a 5.3 per cent increase in chip purchases immediately after recreational marijuana sales began.

“These might seem like small numbers. But they’re statistically and economically significant,” Baggio said. (IANS)