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Duped of Rs 13 crore, man goes on hunger strike

By NewsGram Staff Writer

Mumbai:No arrests have been made and the money has yet not been procured. Shahban Thanawala, who is a senior citizen, says he is in a state of penury and he would fast until justice is served.

Shahban Thanawala credit:

The victim initiated his protest at Azad Maidan on Friday. The senior citizen has to consume 15 medications a day, but he has given up even that due to the hunger strike. A leading news daily published on how Shahban had allegedly been cheated by his late brother’s servants and accountant of Rs 13 crore and over 150 tolas of gold.

The victim currently stays at Roxana building in Churchgate, and has no one to look after him. The FIR was lodged on August 5, but the cops have still not arrested or returned the money they had seized from the accused— the servants, Yusuf Patel (65) and his son Minu (35), and the family accountant, Behram Pardiwala (60). Shahban is now receiving death threats.

He said, “On September 12, when I went to my Grant Road house, two bike-borne people approached me. They threatened to kill me unless I took the case back. My condition has become worse; I have no money left at all for my daily needs. No money to buy food and medicine. At this age, anything can happen to me any time; what about my medical expenses? I am begging for money from people, friends, relatives and the Jamat, but how long will they help me?” Shahban questioned and added, “On August 5, an FIR was filed by the Azad Maidan police after the court’s order. I had first approached the court in the end of June.”

His advocate Vinod Kashid said Shahban was taken to meet the police commissioner last afternoon but did not get to meet him, eventually.

The concerned police officials said they could not comment as they were on bandobast duty for the ongoing Ganeshostav festivities.

(With inputs from Mid Day)



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