Dutch TV Network to air controversial Prophet Muhammad cartoons



By NewsGram Staff Writer

A Dutch TV network has scheduled to air the controversial Prophet Muhammad cartoons on Wednesday.

The Dutch television network was supposed to air Prophet Muhammad cartoons on Saturday, but the network couldn’t do so due to some “misunderstandings”, Dutch politician, Geert Wilder said.

Wilder accused the television network of sabotage, and said that the broadcast will happen on Wednesday. The cartoons were supposed to be aired during the block time which is allotted by law, to every party by the Dutch Parliament.

Geert Wilder is a leader from the Freedom Party and was also a speaker at the Muhammad Cartoon even recently held at Texas, which was attacked by gunmen.

“It will be like a walk [through] a museum – I will present the viewer a selection of the cartoons myself – first I will explain why I want to show the cartoons, because of what happened in Garland, Texas, and explain that it is not a provocation,” Wilder was quoted as saying.

The Dutch parliament had previously barred Wilder from showing the cartoons in an exhibition but he went ahead and posted them online.