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Enjoy the delicious treat of Burgers and Cakes as Prasadnam at a Chennai Temple

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Chennai, 29 March, 2017: A little temple in Padappai has supplanted the traditional south Indian oblations like tamarind rice and sweet pongal for a more contemporary delectable treat of burgers and brownies, cracker sandwiches and cherry tomato salads. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India asserted the ones manufactured are best before the date of expiry in every serving.

Not only the menu of the Jaya Durga Peethamis trendy but the service is too. Here, you will observe visitors inserting the token into vending machines to collect boxes of their ‘pret-a-prasadam’, brewed with precision in the automated temple kitchen.

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 K Sri Sridhar, a herbal oncologist helped in the setting of the modern temple. Sridhar cited, “The idea was to show that anything that is nutritious and prepared in a clean kitchen with a clean mind can be served to God. It doesn’t have to be only traditional dishes.”
The temple even prefaced birthday cakes prasadnam for its adherents.”We maintain a computerised register of their birth dates and addresses and door deliver a cake prasadam to them. It’s a hit among the elderly devotees because coming from the temple it adds a special touch to the occasion,” said Sridhar to TOI.

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On Saturday, an 81-year-old Subbulakshmi was overwhelmed when she hosted with a cake prasadnam on her birthday.
“It was so pretty with flowers and icing,” remarks the 81-year-old, continuing it was her first surprise cake ever. “And it came with an agar deepam (a traditional oil lamp) instead of candles which was so nice. Just like they light at the temple,” she adds.
“When we set up the temple we thought we should give Gods the food we relish,” Sridhar says.
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PM Narendra Modi Lauds Film Fraternity for Showcasing Indian Culture

Narendra Modi on Saturday inaugurated the National Museum of Indian Cinema (NMIC) in Mumbai

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday that Indian film fraternity is at the forefront of showcasing the country’s culture globally.

Narendra Modi on Saturday inaugurated the National Museum of Indian Cinema (NMIC) in Mumbai.

On Sunday, Director-actor Kunal Kohli posted: “Had the privilege to meet our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi.”

To which, Modi replied: “I enjoyed interacting with you and other members of the film fraternity. This community has been at the forefront of showcasing India’s culture internationally.”

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Narendra Modi.

The Prime Minister also responded to veteran singer Asha Bhosle and thanked her “for gracing the programme. The entire nation looks up to you for your stupendous contribution to the film world”.

Comedian-actor and producer Kapil Sharma wrote to Narendra Modi that it was “great knowing your inspiring ideas and progressive views about our film industry and our nation. Sir, I must say you have a great sense of humour too.”

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To which, Modi said: “When Kapil Sharma appreciates somebody’s humour, it sure makes that person happy and I am no exception. Thank you for the kind words Kapil.”

Other actors who were present at the event included Aamir Khan, A.R. Rahman, Parineeti Chopra and Divya Dutta. (IANS)