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Famous 90s game show “Crystal Maze” to make a comeback



By NewsGram Staff Writer

Now you could be one of the contestants fighting for the reward amidst a warren of camp and hilarious hazardous situations.

Earlier presented by Richard O’Brien, the show ran for six series on Channel 4. Although the news of the official comeback of the show has been confirmed, there’s mystery looming over what form it’ll be back in.

A cryptic message on a newly launched website reads, “The legendary game show is back! But this time we all get to play!” The Crystal Maze will be a ‘live and immersive experience’ of which you could be a part, as reported by the Independent, UK.

How this experience is going to come about remains unknown. What we do know is that the live game show will be based in London. The first blueprints released by producers look very similar to the football pitch-sized studio that O’Brien used to put contestants through their paces in – featuring a Crystal Dome, pyramids and even a bald-headed presenter!

In its heyday, the show was described by the broadcaster as “a highly ambitious, high risk show that paid off handsomely.”

The producers have been leaving hints all over the social media. The Crystal Maze website is calling for people to register to participate. Their Twitter account promises: “The legendary game show is back! But this time we all get to play!” Moreover, the official instagram page shows more of what’s to come.




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