Black Friday collection from Sleeper, get chic & cozy at an affordable price

What is the Black Friday collection when it comes to Sleeper? As always – high quality and unique designs but with great discounts!
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Black Friday collection Sleeper. Your Best Chance of the Year

What's the best day of the year for shopping? Black Friday, of course! Sleeper knows this like no one else. Meet Sleeper's Black Friday collection! Mega discounts, chic outfits for your party in honor of the biggest sale of the year. Treat yourself to a comfortable and versatile outfit from the best loungewear brand.

Sleeper: A Success Story that can be an example

Sleeper is a truly unique brand, launched in 2014 by two friends full of enthusiasm and into their dreams. It is Today, on Black Friday 2021, Sleeper set is the dream of many women. But then, back in 2014, in Kiev, which was gripped by the revolution, no one could even think that an almost absurd idea of pajamas for walking and office would be such a success.

So, back to the dreams that become goals. On Christmas Eve 2014, Asya Varetsa and Kate Zubareva decided to spend the evening watching a movie. And their choice fell on the famous Christmas classic, Curly Sue.

Let's be honest, we're all fascinated by the Christmas miracle atmosphere from the classic movies, right? Snow, mistletoe, houses decorated with garlands. All of this brings us back to faith in fairy tales for a little while. Kate and Asya were enchanted, too... Mainly by the striped pajamas, they saw in the movie.

The impression was so vivid that Kate dreamt of an entire pajama factory. And the girl saw the dream as a promising idea.

The production of the first pajamas was up and running, almost from scratch. The girls had no experience in business, but they had a goal and two thousand dollars. As it turned out, sometimes that was enough to succeed.

It didn't take long for the then-editor of Italian Vogue recognized Sleeper as the brand of the month.

And now the small Ukrainian brand has won the love of women all over the world and such respected publications as Forbes publish articles about it and interviews with the brand's founders.

Women's suit by Sleeper: what’s it all about?

So what does Sleeper offer women that makes the Sleeper Black Friday loungewear a highly anticipated event for many of them?

First and foremost, it's about comfort. Asya and Kate repeatedly said in their interviews that they see comfort not as a temporary condition, but as a new lifestyle, a separate subculture.

That's why all of Sleeper's products, which are:

- Pajamas

- Cardigans

- Dresses

- Shoes

- Baby dresses

- Unisex Pajamas

are exclusively handmade products. And that’s not a complete list.

To create a women's suit by Sleeper, professional seamstresses (and Kate and Asya do not hire others, the entire Sleeper team is highly experienced and very fond of their work) require about 12 hours.

What materials are used in production?

Those who want to take advantage of Black Friday discounts and get a set of clothes from Sleeper need not worry about quality.

The team of the brand knows that comfortable clothes are not only quality samples, beautiful design and neat seams. First and foremost, it is fabrics. In the case of Sleeper - natural, non-allergenic, soft, and allowing the body to breathe.

First of all, linen. This natural fabric is excellent warm in winter, and in summer it gives a feeling of coolness. Dresses made of linen can be washed in a washing machine and ironed. The only inconvenience is drying linen clothes on a flat surface in the shade.

In addition to linen other fabrics that can be used are:

- Natural silk

- Cotton

- Viscose

The fabrics are bought from the best suppliers from all over the world. Among the brand's regular partners are Turkey and China, for example.

Let's discuss the outfit design for Black Friday in a little more detail

In fact, the line of clothes from Sleeper is so diverse that every woman will surely find something suitable for herself.

Pajamas, of course, are worth mentioning in the first place. After all, Sleeper is a brand of walking sleepwear, right?

For those who have always dreamed of wearing pajamas all day, the brand offers pajamas made of viscose and linen for parties. Very stylish, decorated with feathers. The colors range from black and white coats to pink and mint. Rest assured; you will be the star of any party!

Sizeless Pajamas:

- Black

- White

- Pink

- Blue

- Terracotta

and others.

For fans of comfort and active lifestyles brand offers:

- Sets of tops and shorts in a wide palette

- Sweatsuit with shorts or pants

- Sets with leggings

The site finds everything - even swimwear and wedding dresses!

Check it out for yourself

With Sleeper, every woman can learn that fashionable clothes can be not only beautiful but also comfortable and, moreover, affordable. And Black Friday is a great chance to get acquainted with Sleepy and fall in love with the high quality and comfort, which the brand has turned into a new fashion ethic.

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