Diving in Julianne Moore fashion style with the help of a shiny suit produced by Daily Sleeper

When planning outfits, many people take into account how celebrities dress. Julianne Moore's style is a great example of how you can look gorgeous and feel comfortable.
Julianne Moore fashion style (Manu Rios)

Julianne Moore fashion style (Manu Rios)

By Manu Rios

Graceful Yet Cozy: Julianne Moore Fashion Style With the Help of Sleeper

It is definitely true that style has no age. Beauty is timeless and we should embrace it any chance we get! Moreover, there is no wrong time to both look your best and feel your best, and it doesn’t matter whether you are going on a vacation or just having a family dinner. That is where absolutely gorgeous garments made by Sleeper come into the picture just like their shiny suit women adore!

The Daily Sleeper is a company with Ukrainian owners that have achieved success by producing gorgeous and cozy items and exporting them all over the world. Their pieces have made it onto the most popular Pinterest boards and even into celebrities’ wardrobes. For example, the latest Julianne Moore fashion style choices were made to Sleeper’s advantage, since the star decided to go with something classy and sophisticated for appearing at the Sundance Film Festival. So, let’s check out their pieces while we dive into Sleeper’s impressive fashion achievements!

Looking Into Julianne Moore Style In a Gorgeous ​​Shiny Black Women's Suit

You can definitely make heads turn at a party when you are wearing the party shiny suit made from lurex by Sleeper. It consists of two pieces: the top and trousers, so if you want to change things up a little bit, you don’t have to wear the suit as a whole. This flirtatious, beautiful, Julianne Moore style-inspired ensemble will bring a touch of glitz to your wardrobe. 

The striking collar and ruffled sleeves on this shiny suit act as amazing detailing, making an accent on your chest and hands. The pants on this magnificent shiny black wet suit for women are a little flared towards the end, which creates a trendy silhouette for your body and has a little nostalgic vibe to it.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Julianne Moore Style In a Gorgeous ​​Shiny Black Women's Suit (Manu Rios)</p></div>

Julianne Moore Style In a Gorgeous ​​Shiny Black Women's Suit (Manu Rios)

The shiny black suit can be paired with many different accessories that will elevate the whole look altogether. For example, as can be seen in the picture of Julianne Moore, she has a dainty white clutch with her, which compliments the white buttons on the top part of the suit. As another choice, you can add bold gold jewelry like earrings or rings that will bring more sparkle to this black shiny suit.

However, the range of luxury loungewear isn’t limited to suits only. So, if you want to replicate Julianne Moore's celebrity style, but aren’t feeling the black suit, you can look into other luxury pajamas by the brand. I am aware that wearing pajamas with feathers instead of a party dress may sound unusual or impossible, but that is just how the surprise is revealed. Because luxury pajamas by Daily Sleeper are such an unusual choice for party clothing, those pajamas tend to thrill people in addition to being cozy to wear and attractive to look at.

Graceful Dress with Feathers to Point Out Your Natural Beauty

The Daily Sleeper definitely is one of the expert brands, when it comes to creating stunning dresses for all kinds of events and occasions. One of their dresses, which certainly deserves more spotlight, is this head-turning dress with feathers in several gorgeous colors like blue, pink, white, and black. Despite its very simple shape, the Boheme slip dress is truly a work of art.

This captivating silk slip dress with Sleeper's signature feather accents, which was inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood, is as exquisitely charming as can be. The maxi dress is pretty long and practically looks like a gown, so you have to truly think about your outfit choice when you wear it. The straight shape of the dress with feathers gently hugs your body and isn’t restricting like other dresses of that design. So, with that being said, you can enjoy a little dancing when attending a party in it and definitely enjoy a dessert when dining with your significant other.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>This captivating silk slip dress with Sleeper's signature feather accents, which was inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood, is as exquisitely charming as can be. (Manu Rios)</p></div>

This captivating silk slip dress with Sleeper's signature feather accents, which was inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood, is as exquisitely charming as can be. (Manu Rios)

The simplicity yet beauty of this dress can be also seen in the choice of straps – they are almost invisible, yet offer enough support for the structure. The details on this feather dress are minimalistic so that you can focus on the main accent, which is…well, the feathers! This kind of focal point is one of the signature moves when it comes to Sleeper because the feathering details are playful and lovely at the same time.

However, if you feel like the white version of the dress is a bit too much for you, the brand offers three more colors to fit your taste:

  • A black dress with feathers is the right choice for a cocktail party. You can also pair it with a little clutch or even gloves to elevate the overall look.

  • A blue dress is perfect if you want to add a little color. Try wearing it with silver earrings and other accessories to make the ideal eye-catching outfit.

  • A muted pink dress for that “put-together Barbie” look, which can be even more exquisite if you add a touch of pink lipstick and some eyeliner.

Although the dress is obviously excellent, the Daily Sleeper offers other options in case you want to tone it down a little bit.

With the brand’s classy and elegant designs, you will be able to easily throw them on and go about your day without having to worry about picking an outfit, just like Julianne Moore in style. Although they are mostly famous for their Atlanta dress, this is just the tip of the iceberg of their loungewear collection, appropriate for almost any kind of weather. (SJ/GP)

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